[programming] Re: Dreamweaver is up

  • From: "John" <spyder@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <programming@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 9 Jun 2001 14:49:20 -0400

Thankyou David for posting this for us!

I just downloaded it myself however I have not installed it yet, I was
wondering if this was freely distributable, or one of those things that
really shouldn't be such as delphi 1 that comes with most 32-bit delphi
versions on PC PLUS cover cd?  I figure if it could be legally distribted
(D1) it would more than likely be available from calmira.org since so many
people have asked about how to get delphi <g>

From: Ross Nelson <rnelson@xxxxxxxxxxxx>

> >I've posted the free version of Dreamweaver 1.2 to my site. The files
> Thanks!  :)   I was working on a computer yesterday, and the person who I
> was doing this for mentioned a job my mom way have wanted information
> for.  So, I biked up to her work, and I started messing around on her
> comp.  It has Dream Weaver 4 Edu. Version.  It's a nice editor.  Reminds
> of NutScrape Composer, except it has a lot of extra features.  I really
> like the CSS part.  :)  Makes it a lot easier, although it's not hard to
> write CSS.

CSS is really neat, the only problem with it is not all browsers handle it
the same, usually if a browser does not understand the CSS assuming the web
page was written properly the quality would nicely degrade itself so the
site still looks good.  I really haven't messed with CSS to much myself but
have herd a lot about it from various articles I have read and people I have
talked with online.  As time goes on, CSS is becoming more and more popular
and maybe one day soon will have a standard for all browers, but then, as
most of us know, Navigator may soon be dead

Yahoo - Netscape:  We're in media, not browser business now

In all honesty this is in my opinion mostly media hype and an attempt for
AOL to come up with excuses since a lot of netscape users turned their back
on 6.1 and while Netscape will always be around and will always look, feel,
smell, and taste like a browser, AOLs plans for integration of ALL their
services, Netscape, AOL, Time Warner stuff to one big package, I doubt
netscape users will stick around.  After all most of them left IE for the
same reasons, M$ integrating IE into the OS.  That's correct ladies and
gentlemen, AOL is the next "Evil Empire" and they have plans to be more evil
than M$  lol.....


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