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How can I get a copy of any tutorial you have concerning Eclipse and JFW?  I
learned JAVA last year and I used Textpad.  I like Textpad, but there are
some things that Eclipse can do that my sighted counterparts really rave

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Were you not on the Program-L list at one time? Anyhow, it has been quiet
for a few months but the last two days have been a barn burner.

George Bell upon my request started this list about two years ago with the
intent of having a forum for blind programmers dealing with Java in all of
it's slices.

We have in the past focused on Eclipse as the IDE of choice and I have
written a number of tutorials that deal with programming in the Eclipse
environment and how it interacts with JFW.

...here to help. Just ask away.


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Greetings all, I just subscribed to this list as I am a newbie to the java
I have been reading various documents about it, but thought it would also be
helpful to join a list.
I am a C++ programmer and am therefore trying to unlearn some of the
constructs in C++ (such as pointers) that aren't used in java, and get
accustomed to do things the java way, whatever that is.
I understand this list has been quiet lately. I hope someone is out there
and that there will be some discussion.
Thanks and happy hacking.

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