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Look at the articles on getting started with Java again that Susan 
Jolly referred us to. Just because aa jar file is in your current 
directory doesn'[t mean it is in your classpath. You must tell javac so 
with the -classpath option.


On Tue, Sep 21, 2010 at 11:58:13AM -0500, qubit wrote:
> no, actually, I have a login on John's machine so as to be able to work on 
> either or both windows and linux.  My base machine is windows.  So the one 
> I'm using on linux is John's.
> I copied swt.jar to my javafun directory with the fruit.java program.
> I haven't tried john's suggestion of using the -classpath flag, however, 
> since I had copied the .jar file to my own directory, I figured it was in my 
> classpath by default.  It still doesn't compile.
> --le
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> Well, I'm assuming that you are refering to SWT-Win32-3235.dll?
> Jim
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> Greetings all --
> I am finishing reading the java-in-a-nutshell book and have as yet not done 
> much hacking.  Now I have a really silly question... I am looking over 
> Jamal's fruitbasket program, which is slick and elegant if you haven't taken 
> time to read it -- the whole program is under 200 lines and uses the swt 
> library for the GUI.  But I am having the most annoying time trying to 
> compile it.
> The file itself compiles fine, but even though I have a copy of swt.jar to 
> link into it, the javac compiler keeps rejecting it.  I tried putting a 
> symbolic link to the class tree, which is on linux in John Boyer's account, 
> but it still tried compiling  everything as if all the class files were out 
> of date, and failed because I didn't have permissions in that directory.
> Question: what do I do to suppress compilation of a library that is in my 
> classpath?  If I put swt.jar on the compiler's command line, I assume it 
> should use the class defs from there and not go around recompiling 
> everything.
> Thanx in advance.
> --le

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