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Well, I'm assuming that you are refering to SWT-Win32-3235.dll?


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Greetings all --
I am finishing reading the java-in-a-nutshell book and have as yet not done 
much hacking.  Now I have a really silly question... I am looking over Jamal's 
fruitbasket program, which is slick and elegant if you haven't taken time to 
read it -- the whole program is under 200 lines and uses the swt library for 
the GUI.  But I am having the most annoying time trying to compile it.
The file itself compiles fine, but even though I have a copy of swt.jar to link 
into it, the javac compiler keeps rejecting it.  I tried putting a symbolic 
link to the class tree, which is on linux in John Boyer's account, but it still 
tried compiling  everything as if all the class files were out of date, and 
failed because I didn't have permissions in that directory.

Question: what do I do to suppress compilation of a library that is in my 
classpath?  If I put swt.jar on the compiler's command line, I assume it should 
use the class defs from there and not go around recompiling everything.

Thanx in advance.

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