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Hi Susie,

You can use diff.exe, the same diff program that works under Unix and you can 

diff -u file1 file2 > difference.txt

In the result file you will see the differences. New line appears with + as the 
first char and lines that don't exist appear with a minus as first char.

The code versioning systems also use diff and you can use it as a sub command 
of that versioning system.

For example, if you use svn, there is svn diff ...

I guess that all such versioning systems should be offering the possibility of 
using diff.


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  Good morning Everyone,


  When we are doing a code review before committing code to the repository the 
sighted person has new code on one side of the screen and code which is in the 
repository on the other side of the screen. It is very very easy to see 
visually what changes have been made. What is the very easiest way for me to 
accomplish the same type of review? As always, I hate to ask for sighted 
assistance, but in this case I am feeling the amount of time spent on something 
which would take a sighted person minimal time to do might not be warranted. Do 
any of you have thoughts to add to this type of question?


  Susie Stanzel 

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