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Thanks for your response. The move to laptops for all is a general move not 
really an access issue. Since I'm the only developer using access technologies 
and such, they were just being preemptive.


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Hi Jim,

I use a docking station and have for several years. I've had no problems using 
a laptop with a docking station.

I work for the Federal government, and they are assigning laptops to all 
visually impaired employees. In this way we always have our adaptive equipment 
with us, when we travel, take training, etc. We don't have to rely on a 3rd 
party to provide what we need.

Many of us do, however still use a regular USB keyboard, so we don't have to 
relearn the JAWS keys for a laptop. This is only a matter of preference. Some 
visually impaired  employees prefer to learn the JAWS key commands for the 

Just curious, but what problem did your office expect by switching to the 
laptop and docking station?


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I'm about to trade in my office PC for a laptop and docking station.... The 
group that looks after such things is concerned with the usability of the 
docking station with regards to my apparent lack of sight. Do any of you use 
such devises and what are your general overall thoughts on them, if you please?


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