[program-java] Eclipse and J unit testing

  • From: "Stanzel, Susan - FSA, Kansas City, MO" <susan.stanzel@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 5 Oct 2011 14:55:54 +0000

Hi Listers,

My current assignment is the writing and testing of J unit tests. I have been 
up and down the list of keystrokes. I know that alt+shift+x and then t will run 
the test. Then I hit control F7 and go to J unit where it tells me it ran and 
how long. Naturally, as in all parts of Eclipse the sighted folk see something 
red on this line which tells of success or failure. Then when I hit enter the 
cursor goes down to the bottom right hand corner of the screen where there are 
two windows. I am in the left window and if I hit enter it will take me to my 
actual code of the failing test. I am having problems getting into the right 
hand corner and it is called "failure trace" and this is not the same thing as 
debug. Of course, all the sighted person has to do is simply look at the bottom 
right portion of the screen. My job success depends on me improving my 
navigation of this tool. I wish there was some heat we could place on Freedom 
Scientific to help us with this tool. Naturally, speed in navigation is very 

Susie Stanzel

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