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From the Eclipse Workbench User Guide:

Associating editors with file types

To associate editors with various file types in the Workbench:

1. Open the
General > Editors > File Associations
 preference page.
2. Select the file type from the File types list, or click Add to add a type 
that is not already on the list.
3. In the Associated editors list, select the editor that you want to associate 
with that file type. To add an editor to the list:
a. Click Add. The Editor Selection dialog box opens.
b. Select Internal Editors or External Programs, depending on whether the 
editor that you want was built for the Workbench or runs outside the Workbench.
c. If you select External Programs, you can click the Browse button to browse 
the file system.
d. Select the editor from the list and click OK.
4. Click OK to finish associating the editor with the selected file type.

Tip: You can choose to override your default editor selections by selecting 
Open With from the pop-up menu for any resource in one of the navigation views.


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Jim H. and John:

What Jim H. is proposing by adding *.java to the Preferences File Association 
isn't possible. By default the *.java extension  for the Java and Text editors 
are locked by the "Java Source File Content Type" and can not be added.

Since Eclipse is a full blown IDE, launching the IDE by merely double clicking 
a file with an extension of *.java makes no sense. Where would it be placed in 
a source folder?


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