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According to my sighted workmates, to the left of the line in questionn, there 
is an indicator in red. So if you want to spend more time on scripting please 
go ahead.

The approach you wrote of is exactly what I do. After writing or editing a line 
of code I first save it and then check the Problems Window. It has always 
worked for me.


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For the purposes of my little tutorial, I wrote a Hello World application with 
a main method. I simply wanted to get rid of the semicolon on the one statement 
and describe how to easily find the message that the environment spits out when 
you attempt to run the program. What's the easiest way to do this. I have tried 
Alt + Shift _+ W, then Errors, or Alt + Shift _+ Q, X for problems. Is there 
any better way?



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