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I am usually in the Java EE prospective. Is that what you mean?


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"A quick navigation is alt + shift + w for package,h for history, o outline, 
and p for problems", a whee fly in the ointment is that these key strokes are 
"Perspective Dependent".

"Alt shift q gets you to the editor", F12 has the same functionality.

"Control shift o puts you into the imports", only if there are import 
conflicts. I.E. java.awt.List or java.util.List. The same key stroke will add 
the imports required as well as remove the unused imports.

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I made a discovery just now because I was writing some JAWS code to examine 
what was popping up in some Eclipse windows. This is about code completion.

As you are typing along in a Java program and you want to get a list of code 
completion choices, do this.

1. type part of a class, such as System, then a period.

2. As soon as you press the period key, immediately press the Tab key. That 
puts you in a list of choices.

3. Pick a choice and press Enter.

4. press the period key again, then Tab again.

5. Pick a choice.

I'm sure you get the pattern by now.

There's more to discover, such as what happens when you hit Control + Space and 
Control + Shift + Space, but I haven't figured out that yet.



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