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I had the same experience reading books using the mouse. I'd just rather listen 
to Jim C's great tips. I have studied the menus which has also been most 
helpful. All I need is actual practice which I am now getting. Even though I am 
not very good yet, I find a general amaizment among my sighted programmer 
friends that I can do anything without those little red lines. I wouldn't trade 
my work with Text Pad for anything. It gave me a very good foundation.

I've been out for a week with eye surgery and now just plugging through my 
mail. I am amaized this is the first message I have found from my favorite list 


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Hi Jim C,
I'm a Bookshare member. I like the service. I just haven't read the Eclipse 
books. Actually, I did get the one called Eclipse and look at it. I read some 
of The Eclipse Cookbook from another service, and for what I want to do, which 
is learn how to do tasks, I think it's better. The only thing about it, though, 
as with many books written for mouse users, is that you have to substitute the 
keyboard way of doing things. If you start watching 
http://www.nonvisualdevelopment.org, you will start to see content about 
Eclipse put up there by me. And if you continue to contribute tips to this 
list, I will put them up there and merge them with what's there.



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Do you know of anyone that has subscribed to this service? If so, what sort of 
feedback are you / they receiving?


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If you are a Bookshare member, you might want to know that they have books 
about Eclipse. I haven't read any of them yet, so I don't know how good they 
are for someone who is blind. One of the books is here. 


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