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Hi Suzan:

When your partner placed I believe the letter "s" Eclipse flashed the
red indicator to the left of the screen indicating a syntax error.
Unless someone has created JFW scripts that brings attention to this
issue, you will not be aware of it. However as a matter of practice I
will frequently view my "Problems" screen. ALT + W + V + P + P + enter.
In there you will find a Treeview with errors at the top of the list.
Scrolling the error list and then hitting the enter key will bring you
to the actual error, then it's up to you to locate same. Usually you are
placed either directly upon the offending syntax or very close to it.
The description in the Problems screen can be useful eventually but in
the beginning it is some what daunting.


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Hi Listers,

I thought I was subscribed to this list, but I guess I am falling off. I
am learning Java and actually going to use it. Eclipse was installed on
my computer yesterday. The man who installed it showed me that after he
put and "s" after the "{" a red thing came up on the left side of the
screen. There was not anything that told me anything. Could any of you
help me get started using this product?

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