[procps] Re: procps 3.3.3 released

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  • To: procps@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 20 May 2012 15:07:07 +0200 (CEST)

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> De: "Craig Small" <csmall-procps@xxxxxxxxxx>
> À: procps@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> Envoyé: Dimanche 20 Mai 2012 10:01:07
> Objet: [procps] procps 3.3.3 released
> procps-ng version 3.3.3 has been released today.  This release
> contains
> a lot of important bug fixes as well as some feature enhancements.
> The NEWS file contained in the archive has most of the changes and of
> course the git logs shows everything in its gory detail, but here are
> some highlights:
>   * New watch -g command: repeat until something changes
>   * Many top enhancements
>   * top can read old toprc configuration files
>   * Lots of man page cleanups and fixups

Thank for the release.

One thing is missing, this is an URL to load a bootstrapped package.
I know I could load the tagged v3.3.3 from gitorious (with the ugly 
procps-procps name) but this is not very practical :
- first a page saying 'you have to wait during the time the package is 
generated' may be encountered,
- secondly checksum for the package could vary (I suppose tar.gz will include a 
timestamp, I don't know the rule for generating a new package)

Or I could wait for an .orig be uploaded at debian.
I should say I dislike debian dance on '_' vs '-' in packages names but I am 
using the debian bootstrapped package for 3.3.2 with debian patches.

Even I could manually bootstrap the package by myself, bootstrapping is an 
issue when building using actual Linux From Scratch book build order as procps 
is build before autoconf/automake/libtool

Another thing related to 3.3.3 release is that I have a failure in free -b test 
with one machine, not with another.
I will send a separate message for that. It look like the value reported by 
free -b in SwapTotal is wrong.


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