[primes] IP封禁申诉-用户:zhaiyu.zhaiyu

  • From: Yu Zhai <me@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: unblock-zh@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 11 Dec 2015 21:45:24 +0800





我在此必须实话实说,此IP的确是用作了我自己搭建的 Shadowsocks 代理及博客 搭建。然而,在我从位于日本的 Conoha.jp 租用此虚拟主机至此我尚未编辑过维 基百科。我的帐号也从未作出过破坏行为。

请理解,在中国大陆,由于特殊原因,不通过代理, 我无法访问中文维基百科。 前段时间,其他语言的维基百科也无从访问。



Yu Zhai (zhaiyu.zhaiyu)

Administrators of Wikipedia,
Hello there.

I shall declare that the blocking of the following IP is a mess.

Current IP is, and the blocking ID is #191700.

Reason why it is blocked is that the IP is believed to be a proxy.

To be honest, this IP does be used as a Shadowsocks proxy and blog system built by me. However, I have not edit any page of Wikipedia after I bought the VPS from Conoha.jp from Tokyo. Also, my account has not done any sabotage in Wikipedia by now.

Please understand that without a proxy one cannot get access to Wikipedia (zh) due to the policy in China mainland. It is notable that Wikipedia in other languages could not be visited here just several days ago.

Besides, I can make sure that the IP belongs to me at present and in at least 5 years in the future if no security disaster happened.

Hence, I hope you administrators can unblock this IP, or make me authorized to edit Wikipedia in other ways.

Yours sincerely,
Yu Zhai (zhaiyu.zhaiyu)
December, 2015

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