[pradjs] The CD players and the studio maintenance

  • From: Mike Jedlicka <mikejedlicka@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "pra dj's" <pradjs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 7 Dec 2009 14:11:33 -0800

We are picking up the CD players tomorrow (Tue) afternoon or early evening.

AND even cooler Gus said he would come into the studio to run a maintenance.
 I'm hoping later this week or next week.  Here's some things I'm going to
have him look at.  If you have had a problem at PRA that is not on this
list, please write me personally so I can add that to have Gus check it out
so we are running 100% at PRA.

1) The buzz from the mixer.  Seems to come and go and is not only a part of
the ground connections.

2) The panning from the mixer seems to be off

3) Check our speakers to see how much life they have in them and if there
are any connection issues

4) General on air board maintenance

5) One side of the old AUX channel on the board was off.  Maybe we can hook
back up the old behringer mixer to use that AUX board??

6) Hook up the black speaker to the CUE on the board that's on top of the
Left monitor for a louder CUE if people need it

7) Check my balls to see why they itch so much!

8) See if he can hook up one of the channels we are not using on the board
(possibly the Tape Player port) and have that be an 1/8" chord to use for a
laptop or mp3 player for more accessibility

9) and other things, any ideas???


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