[pradjs] PRA Meeting Minutes..Please read

  • From: Saffron <saffronathon@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "pra dj's" <pradjs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 11 Jun 2013 19:37:36 -0700

These are the notes we took at the PRA meeting recently.  I may also add
that those of you who are behind in your dues will be removed from the
email list and the door codes will change.

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PRA meeting notes 6/2/13

-Website Updates

            new features: embedded player

            listen link opens a new tab for another player

input for website improvements: we will be putting the blogs to associate
with the show pages and doing other updates to the websites


If you make a flyer, theme, new facebook page or other stuff you want to
share, make sure to post it and tag Thee Pra

And facebook message anything important to The Pra ahead of your show

HOOTSUITE: connects the PRA twitter and facebook page.  Use the bookmarks
in either Safari or Firefox and use the “Compose Message” text field to
post to both PRA twitter and facebook at the same time``            `


            speaker buttons

            CD player 1

            New headphones

            Email mike first if you have any issues or if anything breaks

            If you are playing burned CDs, use CD 2

Use the slow burn option for your CD burning it will work better in the CD

The new AMP power button is right next to the CD player, so if the monitors
suddenly turn off, check the power button of the AMP

-Emailing the board: when and what is appropriate

we have people on the DJ mailing list, that aren’t DJ, because they want to
keep in touch with PRA.  Please leave the emailing to the minimum of

use it for Substitution information or if your show is cancelled

use it for bathroom key being lost and stuff like that


            Djs owe back dues of $700

            Internet is $$

            Rental increase

            Saffron will send out reminder emails at the beginning of the

            New Djs will pay 2 months in advance

-Please keep the station clean!

            Please use the “pack in, pack out” policy

            Sweep if you have time

            Don’t dump your beer out in the garbage can

            No smelly cigg butts in the trash

            No food trash left overnight in station

-No PDX POP NOW! This year

-Please try to solicit donations for your show

            noah fence gives out gifts to his donators

            our expenses are almost exactly equal to our dues that we take

-DJ night for a benefit show? PRA DJ Showcase

            DJ BBQ and house party at Ross’s house Mall 205 area

The steep and thorny way to heaven? Drew will possibly contact them about a
DJ showcase

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