[pradjs] Noah Fence, allow me to introduce myself

  • From: Noah Fence <itsaniceworldtovisit@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: PRA DJ's <pradjs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 6 May 2011 03:50:50 -0700

Hello. My on-air name is Noah Fence. Real name, Jeff Ross. And I have recently 
taken over as "music director" of the Portland Radio Authority. 
The Portland Radio Authority is in a unique situation, in that all of the Dj's 
bring their own music. Be it records, cd's or sound files on a laptop. There is 
no library for a music director to maintain, except for the itunes database.
I will continue to add new music to the itunes database, and also I will be 
deleting some old titles. The itunes database serves two purposes in my mind.
1. It is chiefly there to play music in the absence of a live DJ. 
2. It can be used by a DJ, to play music during your show, in addition to 
whatever you have brought yourself to the studio. That is the reason I send out 
emails, informing everyone of the recent titles that have been added to the 
With that in mind, I would like to ask everyone, do you use the itunes database 
during your shows? Please let me know.
In keeping with maintaining the itunes database, I will contact record labels, 
and seek out promos, either digital or physical. I have fairly good contacts 
with the labels Domino, In the red & Slumberland. If there are labels that you 
think I should contact, please let me know. I will do so.
And, last, I would like to ask that every DJ use the play list feature on the 
web site to create play lists for their shows. This is helpful for your 
listeners, as well as people who may come to the web site and are curious. This 
provides people with a wonderful idea of what to expect when they tune in to 
your show. If you do not know how the play list feature works, please write to 
me and I will do my best to explain it to you.
I post my playlist during my broadcast, and update the list throughout the 
show. So that listeners can follow along. You can also keep a list of what you 
played, and update a playlist afterwards, logging in from your home. In fact 
you can set the correct date when you post the playlist, so you can post old 
playlists, if you feel the need to catch up. 
Posting playlists will be very helpful to me, as it will assist me in the idea 
of which labels I should try to contact, and it is a tool I can use when making 
contact, I can refer a person at a label to our web site to view the playlists, 
as proof that we have played particular groups or artists. 
The playlists also help me in maintaining the itunes database. Old stuff will 
not be deleted if I see it is getting played.

Jeff Ross / Noah Fence
"It's a nice world to visit" 
9:00 a.m. to noon PST Saturdays 
Helping to make Portland the internet destination of choice since 2006


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