[pradjs] Re: Here's how we made out @ the benefit...

  • From: Crystal Thames <cfthames@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <lepue22@xxxxxxxxx>, <pradjs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Wed, 1 Sep 2010 01:51:38 +0000

Hear, hear...I'm in and thanks for pushing it :)  I'm down for random bar get 
togethers or maybe snuggle parties...


Date: Mon, 30 Aug 2010 22:41:55 -0700
From: lepue22@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: [pradjs] Here's how we made out @ the benefit...
To: pradjs@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hey, DJ's - 
First, just wanted to let everyone know the outcome to our Bangaroo show this 
last weekend. The good news is we pulled in about $500 from the event. The bad 
news is, we should have easily pulled in twice that. $500 maybe covers the fire 
marshall stuff and hopefully the money Saffron & Mike had to give PRA to make 
sure our account didn't get overdrawn. No money for future station 
improvements.  The turnout by people actively involved was really disappointing 
- probably 10 people or less. Without sounding like i'm taking the shit out of 
everyone, please just keep in mind that the bands that play our benefit play 
for free - almost all of them have no direct affiliation with PRA, they've got 
to lug all their gear there and back, all just to support the local music 
community. It's really lame to have to apologize to the headlining bands 
because they're playing to an audience of about a dozen people, without saying 
that a big reason is that the
 organization they're playing to support didn't bother showing up. 
Anyway, I'll leave my gripe at that. 
On the flip-side, thanks so much to the DJ's that helped out at the show - big, 
big, big thanks to Jeff, Saffron, Mike, Crystal, Automne & Marty for playing, 
Chris L.for the gift certificate, Nathan/Corey (sorry, I met you that night and 
forgot your name since) - thank you guys and to anyone else I might have 
The second thing I wanted to mention is tied up with the first one... I want 
more of a community feel to PRA. Do you? I feel like there are 30-40 people 
involved with PRA and i only know about a dozen. The other 30-ish people, I've 
never met. Haven't seen you at a meeting or a benefit. Don't know anything 
about you other than your name on the schedule. I'd like to know you - i think 
if we're all involved in PRA, we have similar reason why, and we got at least 
got that in common, right? I think if we tighten up as a community rather than 
just sitting alone in a studio for 2 hours a week, we'll in turn become more 
involved with the Portland music scene, help increase our listenership and in 
turn draw more people to want to be involved with PRA. The less empty slots we 
have, the better the station stands financially and the more listeners we 
have... the more listeners we have, the less turnover we have from disenchanted 
DJ's bummed out that nobody
 listens to their show... and so on...
So, what do you guys think? Any ideas? How about random DJ nights at a bar or 
something? Not meetings, but meet-ups? A potluck picnic at the park before 
summer's done? I dunno... I'm opening the conversation in an email because i 
didn't want to talk shit about the benefit publicly, but if you want to chime 
in with any ideas or responses, please post a comment on the PRA blog here, so 
as not to flood everyones' email accounts:
It might give you an error message when you hit submit, but your comments will 
Anyway, if you read this email all the way through, thanks!

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