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> Police called to Star Wars screening after film reel blunder  
> Police were called to a Star Wars premiere after scenes were screened in
> the wrong order.
> Audiences had been watching the special midnight screening in Glasgow for
> 45 minutes when it suddenly jumped to the final battle scene.
> The Daily Record says cinema bosses at the Springfield Quay Odeon called
> police when fans confronted foyer staff about the problem.
> One fan, Brian Queen, told the paper
> "I thought for a second I must have fallen asleep and missed part of it.
> "The film jumped to the battle scene. The majority of the audience ended
> up out of their seats and in the foyer trying to confront the manager
> about the problem."
> A spokesman for Odeon said: "We apologise for the inconvenience to fans.
> Customers were given a full refund and tickets to another Star Wars
> screening."
> About 250 people, some in fancy dress, had queued up to attend the special
> midnight screening.
> Victoria Greenless, of Glasgow, said: "Everyone hung around expecting the
> cinema to start the film again. This didn't happen and we were just told
> to come back another day.
> "Someone told me the staff hadn't checked the reels. They presumed they
> were in the right order."
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