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  • Date: Fri, 23 Aug 2002 16:14:36 +0100

> http://www.geocities.com/westwoodwatchdog/

Interesting site...

"Did you hear Westwood's weak chat-up lines with Trish Stratus from WWF
recently? Surely this man is still a virgin!

"Damn baby we've got to turn the air conditoning on in here, aiiiiight!",
"You talkin' to an official MOBO award winner baby! Feel me on that Trish!"

This was one of his chat up lines! He boasted about this about 20 times...

Almost as bad as when Kurt Angle was on the rap show and he asked the same
question about 5 times:

"Yeah man, so does it hurt when you get choke slammed by the Big Show?"
"Yes Tim it does"
"Okay man I'm feelin' you, but does it hurt when you get a steel chair over
the head man?"
"er...yes Tim it does"
"for real man so does it hurt when you get thrown into the steel steps man?"
"Yes Tim"
"Okay but what I really wanna know, is when you get hit with the rock
bottom, does that hurt man?"
"Yes Tim it really hurts!"
"Oh man, incredible!"

I can think of about 15 occasions when Westwood has acted like a complete
tit, but why was he allowed to promote an event that had nothing to do with
Hip-Hop or the BBC, they even had a phone in for fuck's sake ON WRESTLING!
He said "Live on Sky Sports 1" about 7 times!!!

Steve ;)~

Art Monkey

"Without art, we are just monkeys with car keys."

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