[pr0k] Re: Salvation Army

  • From: Nicholas Stephens <Nicholas@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: pr0k@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2002 16:45:14 +0100

>How did you and her meet?  Do you work with her?

i MET HER... oops... still in song writing mode...

I met her at a gig a few months ago. I went to see one of my old housemates
Ed play his first gig with his band C64 at the Monarch and Nendie was there
to see an american band called... well I can't remember now... and
afterwards their band came around to our house for a party and Nendie came
with them. Although I didn't talk to her much then because I was too busy
trying to cop off with this greek girl (charming).

Anyway I didn't see her for about another month or so until I went to
another gig that she happened to be at. I talked to her for a bit there
(although she was a bit down because she'd just got back from a friends
funeral or something. Later that night Ed was trying to chat her up - talk
about bad timing - but failed miserably, but not suprisingly. ) and got her
to give me some free piano lessons. 
Then we just started hanging out and going to gigs and stuff.

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