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Aren't sparrows great?
They're like, really small, and light, and they can fly and stuff.
And the name 'Sparrow'. That's quite a funky name don't you think?

I've often wondered what a sparrow would taste like if it was cooked. Do you
think it would be like chicken? 
Or could sparrows be trained to do stuff, like dogs and horses. Of course
you couldn't ride around on a sparrow because they're too small and you'd
just kill it. But one day maybe sparrows could be genetically engineered to
be really large, and they'd replace cars as the main mode of transport in
the world.
But perhaps sparrows could be trained to do small tasks, like fetch keys or
something... I don't know.

I wonder if a sparrow could be used as a weapon, like a throwing dart, only
it would home in on its target. I would imagine that being hit by in the
face by a sparrow with a five inch spike attached to its head could do a
fair amount of damage - especially if it's been trained to target the eyes
or the throat or something. 
Imagine if people carried around boxes full of these Death Sparrows?


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What evidence do you actually have that the past even happened - Any point
in the past, anywhere?  The only evidence of any weight people can propose
is a physical evidence, and even that can have holes torn through it - You
can take a person, put him in a square room and tell him that generations
before, the room was circular until God turned the room into a square.  That
past never happened, but if you got this person to write a book about it and
propagate a new civilisation, people would worship the changing of shape as
a miracle of a powerful God...  It's interesting.

I'm just thinking now...  It's like, what evidence do I actually have for
being in work since 9am?  I know my memory tells me I have been here since
then, but Alzheimer's destroys peoples memories so that is hardly a concrete
evidence.  Even if I had written the time down upon arriving, that could
have been fabricated...

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