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From the ign boards...


"GTA3 WAS talked about as such crap that I had to see for myself...and I
can tell you that it is prue evil on a stick. My church friends even
looked down upon me after I told them I rented it, that's how bad the
game is around here. Man, when I played it and saw that in certain
missions you had to kill women and children...I was shocked and actually
had to pray to God to make me feel better. And it's true you do rape
women!! Don't let anyonw tell you different.=20

GTA3 is sick sick sick, made for sick people that need help, maybe from
God...it wouldn't hurt!"

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I've had this underground bluegrass country label CD sampler for ages -
used to listen to it at Jester - And the first song on it is by a guy
Joe Pernice and opens with the line "I got a scar above my eye from the
dirty little shit who tried to love me underneath the bridge..."

Well, I found his CD in Borders last night and fuck me...  The first two
songs are kind of cheesy country blues and then it's just fucking
If you go to amazon.com and do a search for Joe Pernice and check out
album "Big Tobacco" you cna hear previews.  Listen to "Bum Leg" (about a
wandering hobo and his adventures, such as being the victim of an
ass raping) and "Pipe Bomb" (about blowing up the car of some girl who
return his calls, while she's inside it)... =20

Steve Pick will absolutely love this album, I swear to God.


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