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  • Date: Tue, 9 Jul 2002 11:26:27 +0100

A recent study published by neurologist Akio Mori of Nihon University suggests 
videogame playing significantly decreases brain activity and could lead to 
developmental problems in children. The study, which was conducted in 
partnership with the American Neurological Society in the United States, 
recorded the brain wave activity of videogame players over an extended period 
of time. A total of 240 people participated in the study ranging in age from 
6-29 years old. According to doctor Mori-san, beta brain wave activity fell 
significantly during videogame play sessions between one and three hours. 
Neurologists are currently investigating the potential dangers of prolonged 
suppression of beta brain waves. The study suggests players could suffer from a 
syndrome described as "game brain," whereby players can develop A.D.D. 
(Attention Deficit Disorder), and become emotionally unstable.

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