[pr0k] Re: FW: The "are you cool" test.

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  • Date: Tue, 2 Jul 2002 11:02:05 +0100

All I said is I went to one!

Ken dances in a gay strip club but you don't give him hassle.

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> So why were you at Cosgrove Hall?

We were going to steal all their computers and make them wear frog
Usual stuff really.

Actually, it's licence-whore time. Mmm. Licences! Give us your
Licence-whore is hungry. Licence-whore craves recognition. Let
wear you as a feedbag.

Toks, that earlier stuff you said about gay clubs the other day has made
see you in a whole new light. Scary. I think Nick will want to join his
local Fight Club.

Steve ;)~

Art Monkey

"I'm not sure what I am supposed
to taste besides pain"

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