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Dylan!  I thought you'd stopped design games while taking speed!

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> This is a guy that has been writing to developers with a suggestion 
> for a game idea. This is how the actual letter is written...no 
> paragraph breaks or anything. Utter conviction or utter utter madness?
> Just pick random points in it and read for a minute, then move on to 
> another section. Madder than mad jack mc mad from maddington.
> -------------
> Mr. Schure
> 521 70th St
> Darien IL 60561
> August 12, 1997
> To Whom it may concern
> I have a suggestion for a Civilization style game. It would combine 
> the genres of strategy, wargame, action, adventure, simulation, 
> interactive movie and role playing. How about a more complex 
> tech-tree, more units wonders and more. How about a multiple 
> storylines that are different for each of the major civilizations. 
> Techology levels would cover the 8000 B. C. - 2100 A.D. 
> Sumerian/Egyptian/Greek periods, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Dark 
> Ages, Middle Ages, High Middle Ages, Medieval Europe and Japan, 
> Renaissance, Reformation, Elizabethian era, Spanish Empire, Inca and 
> Aztec Empires, Jacobite era, Barque era, Age of Discovery, 
> Enlightenment era, Industrial Revolution, Napoleonic era, Romantic 
> era, Victorian era, Edwardian era, American Civil War era, Old West 
> era, British Empire era, World War 1 era, World War 11 era, Korean War 
> era, Vietnam War era, Cold War era, Gulf War era, Futuristic Space era 
> and more. Which would make it more Civ 2 and Age of Empires with all 
> the units. You can have a Ancient Egyptian
> palace, Roman palace, Byzantine palace, Japanese/Chinese palace,
> Aztec/Inca
> palace, Medieval palace, Turkish palace, Renaissance palace,
> Baroque palace,
> Enlightenment palace, Napoleonic palace, Czarist palace and much more.You
> can choose if you want to be a god or mortal. If you are a mortal you have
> only a limited time period to rule and you can be killed. If you are a god
> you can live forever and have god like powers like creating disasters,
> plagues, destroying non believers and more. In the Preset Historical
> Scenerios you can be a Roman Emperor and you have to deal with
> building you
> empire. You have to worry about treachery, slander, political intrigue,
> factions in the senate, assassinations. executions, poisonings, plots,
> conspiracies, a praetorian guard that is trying to overthrow you, senators
> that are trying to assassinate you, royal heirs, generals, senators,
> praetorian guards, counters and rubies that want your thrown, corrupt
> advisors, treacharious wives, plebians revolting and barbarians
> at the gate.
> You also have landbattles, seabattles, gladiator shows and
> chariot races in
> realtime. You can also play from the perspective of a royal heir
> and have to
> deal with Roman Emperors like Julius, Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula,
> Claudius, Nero, Gather, Vitellius, Otho, Vespasian, Titus,
> Domitian, Nerva,
> Trajan, Hadrian, Antonius Pius, Caracallas, Marcus Aurilieus, Commodus,
> Peritnax, Septimus Severus, Didius Julianus, Geta, Macrinus, Elagabalus,
> Severus Alexander, Maximinus, Gordon 1, Gordon II, Gordon Ill, Philip,
> Decius, Trebonianus Gallus, Valerian, Gallienus, Claudius 11, Aurelian,
> Saturnius. Probus, Carinus and Numerian, Julian, Diocletion, Constantine,
> Justinian and more as well as Livia, Marcia, Scibonia, Mark
> Antony, Scipio,
> Sulla and all 65 Roman Emperors as well as Byzantine Emperors and maybe a
> Xena type character. As Emperor or Empress you can issue execute warrants,
> arrest warrants, exiling victims and confiscating the lands of
> the nobility
> as well as issuing edicts. You also have an interactive virtual
> palace where
> you can interact with advisors, courtiers, royal heirs, generals and more.
> The entire game would be in realtime and in 3-D virtual reality l` person
> and 3d person perspectives or point of view as well as using interactive
> multimedia and isometric graphics. You also have a 3-D virtual battlefield
> (land, sea, air or space) in all scenerios. The Roman Empire scenerio in
> which you try to become Emperor or Empress by getting rid of rivals and
> would have a storyline and have role playing elements and would take place
> in ancient Rome in the 1 st century B. C. during the
> Julio-Claudian Dynasty
> to the end of Nero's reign in 68. This is not the typical
> conquest game. It
> is more a game on political intigue in the palace, bribery, assassination,
> conspiracies, plots, mutinies, civil wars, slave revolts, barbarian raids,
> revolt suppressions, executions, political purges, treason trials,
> inquisitions and persecutions and senate intigue as well as royal
> succession
> (their is also a complex succession tree). You can see executions in 3 -D
> virtual reality realtime with beheadings, burnings, hangings,
> crucifixions,
> gladiator shows, death before the archers, suicides, etc. Also included is
> the stairs of mourning were victims dead bodies their thrown
> (made infamous
> by Tiberius and Caligula). Your goal is to become the next Caesar or to
> support a candiate or royal heir to be the next Caesar. You start out a
> Roman Centurion and then you go throught ranks to be a senator, prefect of
> the praetorian guard, concul and finally Caesar in the custom made
> character. You can also play the roles of Augustus, Tiberius, Caligula,
> Claudius and Nero. You can also play anyone of the royal heirs,
> senators or
> praetorian guards.You can also play Xena (when she was still an evil
> character) and kills her way to the imperial thrown or Xena conquers Rome
> with her army. When playing the role of Caligula you will go
> insane using 1
> st person perspectives. You will have things like blurred vison, hearing
> voices that are not their and more. The land battles, sea
> battles, gladiator
> shows, chariot races and character interaction would use 1 st person
> perspectives. In land battles using 1 st person perspectives and
> 3rd person
> perspectives or point of view you can order your men to advance, attack,
> hold, fall back, retreat, surrender or go to another part of the
> battlefield. You can fight at all times of day including dawn,
> day, dusk and
> night. You can fight in all season exept winter which includes spring,
> summer and fall. You can see the sun rise and set over the
> battlefield. You
> can fight in all weather which includes fog, rain, sandstorms and
> more. You
> can fight in all places of the Roman Empire including Gaul, Britain,
> Germany, Judea and Egypt. You can swordfight using 1 st person
> perspectives.
> You can see the end of your sword when you are swordfighting. You can see
> the end of your crossbow when you are going to fire it at the
> enemy and can
> see the arrow fly toward it's target. You can see the end of your spear
> before you throw it. You can see barbarians come out of the forest. In sea
> battles using I st person perspectives you can fire fireballs at the enemy
> ship and then ram them and then board them and grapple in a swordfight and
> then sink the enemy ship. In the gladiator show using 1 st person
> perspectives you can have a slave to swordfight with swords,
> tridents, nets,
> spears, shields, crossbows and more. You can fight gladiators
> from different
> providences and you can fight lions, panthers, tigers, rhinos, elephants,
> wolves, bears, boars and more. Your gladiator must fight to the
> death. After
> the battle is over you can give him thumbs up or down. In chariot
> races you
> can use your charioteer to win battles for you. When the chariot
> race using
> 1 st person perspectives starts you can see the chariot track and 4 other
> contenders. You must shatter their chariots, whip your opponent,
> bribe your
> rivals, give your horses a drug to make them go faster, give and offering
> and sacrifice to the gods (Roman or Egyptian) to help you win the
> race. When
> you are racing you can see an obolisk and then you must make dangerous
> turns. In both games if your man wins you get more in favor with
> the emperor
> and you can court one of the ladies from the Imperial family as well as
> getting prize money. In character interaction you can talk with citizens,
> assassins, soldiers, slaves, priests, priestess, senators, praetorian
> guards, generals, royal heirs, and emperors as well as Xena. The citizens
> and slaves act as spies giving you information for a price.
> Soldiers in the
> battlefield have different personallites and moral. They also could mutiny
> if not paid, but they could be an ally in marching on Rome. The Emperors
> will order you to go to the imperial banquet and if you don't go
> you will be
> executed and if you go you could be poisoned. The assassins are armed with
> daggers, poison viles, deadly darts and sometimes crossbows. You can use
> them to kill rival senators, praetorian guards, generals, royal heirs and
> emperors. If they are not paid they can' turn on you and kill you. If he
> does kill you, you can see him ready to stab you. Or he may just
> poison your
> wine and food. The priest and priestess can be used to get the
> gods on your
> side. You can choose from the Roman religion or Egyptian religion. If you
> get killed and your in favor with them you will be judge well in the
> afterlife with the gods. The senators are rivals and they could implicate
> you for plotting against the emperor. They are fueled by the own ambitions
> and formed different factions. They can be assassinated. You can
> communicate
> with them on issues of the Roman state. The senate house uses 1 st person
> perspectives. The praetorian guards are dangerous they can arrest you and
> implicate you against the emperor. They also perform executions. When they
> execute you, you see the guard with the sword. You kneel down and then he
> swing and then you blackout and see nothing. The next thing you
> know you see
> the Roman or Egyptian gods depending on your religion and they judge you.
> The guards can also make and break emperors and you can plot with them to
> kill an unpopular emperor. The praetorian guards would include
> Sejanus (d.3
> 1), Macro (d.38), Cassius Cheahea (d.4 1). The generals are also ambitions
> and they dream of becoming emperor with the use of the large
> armies they can
> march on Rome. You may after defeat them in the battlefield or assassinate
> them. The royal heirs are the heirs to the Roman thrown. You might have to
> assassinate them, implicate them in plots against the emperor, send them
> into exile, force them to commit suicide or execute them. You can
> also marry
> into the imperal family to forge an alliance with the emperor. The royal
> heirs are Marcellus (died.23 B.C.), Postumus (died. 14 A.D.),
> Julia (exiled
> 2 AD), Agrippa (died. 12 B. C.), Agrippina 1 (died. 3 3 A. D.),
> Agrippina 11
> (died. 5 9) Gaius (died. 2 A. D.), Lucius (died.4 A.D.), Caligula
> (ruled.37-41), Germanicus (died. 19 A.D.), Britannicus (died.55 A.D.),
> Tiberius (ruled. 14-3 7), Drusilla (d. 3 8), Drusus 1 (died. 9 B. C.),
> Drusus 11 (died. 23 A.D.) Livia (died 29 A.D.), Livilla (died 31 A.D.),
> Helen (died 31 A.D.), Octavia (died 63 AD), Antonia (died 38
> A.D.), Caesonia
> (died 41 A.D.), Messalina (died 48 AD), Gemellus (died 37 A.D.), Claudius
> (ruled 41-54), Nero 1 (died 31 A.D.), Nero 11 (ruled 54-68)
> Poppea (died 65
> A.D.), Vispania, Lolla Paulina, Silius, Piso, Plancina and more. The
> emperors are all powerful and have the power to execute, arrest, purge,
> persecute, assassinate, send into exile, force to commit suicide all
> enemies. Augustus is a fair emperor and the worst punishment you
> can give is
> exile. Tiberius on the other hand will execute, purge all rivals.
> He is also
> being manipulated by the prefect of the praetorian guard known as Sejanus.
> Tiberius also has orgies at his villa on Capri. He may order you to take
> part in them. Caligula is even worse he is insane and dresses up as
> different gods. When you go into the thrown room you can see
> Caligula behind
> the thrown that is covered in a purple cloth. The cloth is raised and you
> can see Caligula dressed up as on of the gods. Caligula will
> order you to go
> to the orgy in the palace. Caligula then will go on a German
> campaign where
> army commanders are plotting against him. Claudius is one of the stupidest
> emperors you can find. You can be easily manipulated and his
> wives Messalina
> and later Agrippina are controlling him. Nero only cares about
> the arts and
> will not run the empire. He is also controlled by his mother
> Agrippina until
> he kills her. The story begins in 23 B.C. and Empress Livia comes
> to you for
> help. You must get her son Tiberius on the thrown. You must assassinate,
> send into exile, poison, implicate in plots against the emperor, force to
> commit suicide and execute rival royal heirs. You must get rid of
> Marcellus,
> Postumus, Julia, Agrippa, Gaius and Lucius. Finally you must get rid of
> Augustus. After Augustus dies a mutiny breaks out in the army. You can
> accept they proposal on marching on Rome to become emperor yourself or you
> could support Tiberius in becoming emperor. You have to go to Germany to
> fight with the barbarians on Germanicus' campaigns. Once Tiberius
> is on the
> thrown you have to get rid of Agrippina, Germanicus, Livia,
> Livilla, Helen,
> Antonia, Piso and Gemellus. Tiberius and Sejanus will want you to
> purge the
> senate and implicate senators in rival factions in plotting against the
> emperor. If you refuse you will be executed by beheading. You also have to
> get rid of the dangerous rival Sejanus. You must ally with him and them
> bring him down by implicating him and his followers in a plot against the
> emperor. You will deliver the message to Tiberius at Capri. A new
> prefect of
> the praetorian guard you can ally with after Sejanus is executed is Macro.
> You have to assassinate Tiberius and either support Caligula or
> assassinate
> him too to be emperor yourself You also have to implicate Macro in a plot.
> Once Caligula is on the thrown he will go insane and execute as many as he
> can find. He will also order you to go to orgies in the palace.
> He will also
> dress up as gods. He will order you to purge the senate and if
> you refuse he
> will have you executed. You must get rid of Gemellus and Drusilla. You
> decide to join the conspiracy against Caligula and at the games you will
> assassinate him. You will trap him between two doors in the arena and then
> your assassins and yourself will stab him to death. You also must kill
> Caesonia, Drusilla 11 and Claudius. Or you can support Claudius to be the
> next emperor. Now you have to worry about Empress Messalina and Empress
> Agrippina implicating you in plots and assassinating you. So you implicate
> them first in plots against the emperor and if that fails you assassinate
> them. You also have to go on a campaign in Britain with Claudius. After
> their gone you now must assassinate Claudius and you must assassinate Nero
> before he can get to the thrown. Or when Nero is in power he will start
> purges and persecutions again and order you to go to orgies.
> After the fire
> of Rome, Nero will blame you for that. To save yourself you either commit
> suicide or you assassinate Nero. After Nero is gone you must fight with
> rival generals for the thrown. Once you are on the thrown as
> emperor you can
> order purges, persecutions, wars, executions, orgies and more. You must
> survive murderius royal heirs, praetorian guards, senators, assassins, and
> more. You must make a will who is to succeed you after your death,
> assassination or retirement. In the Fall of the Roman Empire scenerio from
> Emperors Augustus to Justinian you have to worry about religious prophets,
> popes, barbarians, Attilla the Hun, Spartacus, Solomon, Hannibal,
> Philip 11
> of Macedonia, Cleopatra, Arminus, Versengerix, Boudicca, Juba,
> Herod, Xena,
> inflation, anachy, civil war, religious sects, mutinies and more. If you
> don't save the Roman Empire it will collapse and all you will get
> to run are
> fieffloms in the Dark Ages. If you play the role of a barbarian you can
> federate your tribe and unite them against the Roman Empire and Byzantine
> Empire. It also be interesting to have preset historical
> scenerios like the
> the Wars of Alexander the Great, Hannibal and Julius Caesar.
> Sicilian Wars,
> Dacian Wars, Parthan Wars, Mitherian Wars, German/Britain
> campaigns, Jewish
> Wars, Trojan War, Bibicial Wars, Wars of Ancient Egypt, Wars
> between Sweden
> and Russia (1556-1557, 1561, 1570-1595, 1609-1617, 1741-1743, 1788-1790,
> 1808-1809), Danish Civil War in 1534-1536 in which Sweden participated,
> Swedish Civil War in 1596-1599 during which Finland tried to gain
> independence for the first time, War between Sweden and Poland in
> 1600-1617,
> Wars between Sweden and Denmark in 1611-1613, 1643-1645 and 1813-1814.
> Swedish war against Poland, Russia, Denmark and Austria in
> 1655-1658, Great
> Northern War, Seven Years'War, French and Indian War, Spanish Wars of
> Succession, Austrian Wars of Succession, Finnish Civil War in
> 1918, War for
> Estonian Independence in 1918, Winter War in 1939-40 or Russo-Finnish War,
> Continuation War in 1942-45 where the Finnish try to recapture the areas
> lost in the Winter War, War of Lapland in 1945 where the Finnish drove the
> Germans out of Finnish territory. Angevin-Capet Wars, Punic Wars, Wars of
> the Truiverites, Pelopanesian Wars, Greco-Persian Wars, Greco Roman Wars,
> Roman Civil Wars, Campaigns of Charlemagne, Mongol Wars, Mad, Greek City
> States Wars, Italian City States Wars, Parthian Wars, Spanish Conquests,
> Moorish War in 1492, Netherland's War of Independence 1567-1648, War of
> 1812, American Indian Wars, Spanish Indian Wars, Hussite War, War of the
> Augburg League, Glorious Revolution of 1688, Swiss-Burgundian Wars,
> Ireland's War of Independence 1560-1603, English Civil War, Thirty Years'
> War, French Wars of Religion 1562-1598, Dutch Wars, American Revolutionary
> War, Napoleonic Wars, U. S. -Phillipine War, Malayian Emergency 1948,
> Scotland's War of Independence, Irish Civil Wars, Italio-Turkish War,
> Russo-Turkish Wars, Crimean War, Mexican War, Latin American War of
> Independence, American Civil War, Greco-Turkish War, Austro-Prussian War,
> Franco-Prussian War, Danish-Prussian War, Cuban Civil Wars, Chinese Civil
> Wars, Mexican Civil Wars, Barbary Wars, Japanese Civil War or Japanese
> Warring States Period, Sino-Japanese Wars, South American Wars and Civil
> Wars, Jacobitte Rebellions, Barons' War, Civil War in England (1138-1153),
> African Wars and Civil Wars, Central American Wars and Civil
> Wars, Zulu War,
> Russo-Japanese War, Boer War, Spanish-American War, Afghan Wars, SM Wars,
> Jewish Wars, Boudicca Rebellion, Germanicus' Campaign in Germany,
> Claudius'
> invasion of Britain, Conquests of Britain, Mark Antony's campaigns,
> Hun/Mongol/Viking Conquests, Boxer Rebellion, Middle Eastern Wars
> and Civil
> Wars, Pindari Wars, Sikh Wars, Kaffir Wars, Maori Wars, Ashanti Wars,
> Abyssinian Wars, Sudan Campaign and Reconquest 1884-85/1898, Colonial Wars
> of the 18th and 19th centuries (French, British, Belgian, German, Italian,
> Dutch, Portugese, Spanish, American and more), Indian Mutiny, Italian Wars
> of Unification, World War 1, Russian Civil War, Spanish Civil
> War, World War
> 11 (all fronts including Eastern Front and Pacific War), Korean
> War, Vietnam
> War, Arab-Israeli Wars, Falklands Wars, Bosian-Serbian Wars, Afghanistan
> War, Algerian War, Gulf War and more. Also it be nice to have an easy
> interface, controllable people and easy building contruction. It also be
> interesting to have disloyal advisors you can execute, purge, persecute,
> exile or relieve from their post. It would also be interesting to have
> internal political intigue by disloyal advisors. It also be interesting to
> have all video advisors. Also in would be interesting to have battles in
> realtime. It also would be interesting to have military
> equiptment unique to
> that civilization or nation. It also would be interesting to have
> more real
> earth maps. There also would be succession crisises as well were you might
> speak to one leader and later on another leader may appear. You
> also have to
> worry about England, Scotland, Ireland, Spain, France, Burgandy, Germany,
> Italy, Poland, Saxony, Holy Roman Empire, Russia, Serbia, Austria-Hungary,
> Austro-German, Turkey, Portugal, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Norway,
> Finland, Belgium, Japan, China, India and more. In World War 1 and Vietnam
> War you have to worry about the chaos those wars are causing could help
> destroy your nation. Other nations would include Zulus, Japanese,
> Americans,
> Germans, Spanish, British, Scots, Irish, Welsh, Carthagians,
> Sioux, Apaches,
> Iroquise, Arawaks, Cherokees, Tupis, Incas, Aztecs, Anazi, Mayas,
> Prussians,
> Mongols, Chinese, Vietnamese, Koreans,
> Cambodians, Laoians, Indians, Arabs, Byzantines, Romans, Gauls, Dacians,
> Parthians, Persians, Babylonians, Libyians, Cubans, Paraguayians,
> Columbians, Bolivians, Celts, Egyptians, North Africans, Phoenicians,
> Mediterraneans, Normans, Vikings, Turks, Slavics, Iberians, Illyrians,
> Assyrians, Thracians, Sumerians, Macedonians, Aryans, Dravidians, Celts,
> Druids, Nubians, Gauls, Germanics, Britons, Picts, Alamannia, Arabs,
> Numidians, Vandals, Visigoths, Huns, Saxons, Amerind, Ansar, Argentinian,
> Boer, Brazilian, Chilean, Greek, Peruvian, Belgian, Dutch,
> Hittites, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Canada, Austrailia, Israel,
> Judea, Jordan,
> Gulf States, Iran, Iraq, Persia, Taiwan, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary,
> Finland, Denmark, Romania, Mujehadeen, PLO, Algonkin, Arapaho, Arikara,
> Assiniboin, Blackfoot, Caddo, Catawba, Cheyenne, Chickasaw, Chinook,
> Chippewa, Choctaw, Comanche, Cree, Creek, Crow, Dakota, Delaware, Erie,
> Eskimo, Hopi, Huron, Illinois, Kansa, Kiowa, Kutenai, Maidu, Mandan,
> Menomini, Miami, Micmac, Miwok, Modoc, Mohave, Mhegan, Narragansett,
> Natchez, Navaho, Nez Perce, Nootka, Oneida, Onondage, Osage,
> Paiute, Pawnee,
> Pima, Potawatorni, Powhatan, Pueblo, Sauk, Sen-finole, Seneca, Shasta,
> Shawnee, Shoshone, Shusawp, Ute, Wichita, Winnebago, Yakima, Zuni and more
> as well as 12 Ancient civilizations, 20 Renaissance nations, 12 Napoleonic
> nations, 12 World War 1 nations, 20 World War 11 nations and 40 Post World
> War 11 nations like on Steel Panthers 3. In the Age of
> Renaissance Scenerio.
> The world is struggling to emerge from the Dark Ages following
> the collapse
> of the Roman Empire. Starting in the year 750 A.D. the player vies to
> re-establish their civilizations via trade while making advances
> in Science,
> Religion, Commerce, Communications, Exploration and Civics. Against the
> backdrop of war, plague, famine, and religious strife, such
> personallites as
> Sir Issac Newton, Charlemagne, Marco Polo, Leonardo Da Vinci,
> Martin Luther,
> Galilio, Copernicus, Michael Angelo, John Huss, Henry VIII, Elizabeth 1,
> Machavelli, Mohammad and Christopher Columbus apperar to guide mankind to
> the threshold of a new beginning. Renaissance is a strategy scenerio which
> traces western civilization from its orgins in the early Middle
> Ages to its
> establishment as the world's dominant culture in the Age of
> Enlightenment to
> the fall of the dynasties at the end of World War 1. Although military
> concerns are present in the form of weaponry advantages, the
> Crusades, civil
> wars, and generic warfare representing everything from minor rebellions to
> the 100 Years War, 3 0 Years War and Wars of the Roses, English Civil War,
> conflict primarily occurs in economic terms with players posing
> as merchants
> competing for riches and expanding the horizons of civilizations through
> trade. Historical characters appear to advance their civilizations. There
> are 26 advances. Calamities also happen. You also have to watch out for
> pirates trying to take your trade goods. You also have to deal with a
> papacy, clergy in which you may have to pay extra taxes and
> indulgences. You
> can always dissolve the monastries, declare Act of Supremacy from Rome and
> create a religious persecution and start a start religion. You can build
> castles using animation as well as having multiple storylines.
> You can also
> dissolve parliment or senate. You can have papal elections. You can also
> play on smaller historical preset scenerios like on Civ2. Also you have to
> advisors, nobles and courtiers to worry about like Thomas More (religious
> advisor d. 15 3 5), Thomas Cromwell (political advisor d. 1540), Thomas
> Cramner (religious advisor d. 1556), Thomas Howard (political
> advisor d. 15
> 54), Bishop Gardiner (religious advisor d. 15 5 5/56), Thomas Wolsey
> (religious advisor d. 1530), Bishop Fisher (religious advisor d. 1535),
> Bishop Pole (religious advisor d. 15 5 5), Bishop Latimer
> (religious advisor
> d. 15 5 5), William Cecil (political advisor d. 1598), Robert Dudley
> (courtier and political advisor d. 15 88), Robert Devereux
> (courtier d. 160
> 1), Waiter Raliegh (military advisor d. 1618), Francis Drake (military
> advisor d. 1596) Francis Walsingham (intellegence spy network and
> political
> advisor d. 1590), Christopher Hatton (political advisor d. 1590), Thomas
> Seymour (courtier and military advisor d. 1549), Machavelli, Cardinal
> Richaliue, Rasputin, Becket, Trotsky, Kerensky and more including advisor
> that were in the games Colonization and Versailles 1685. Every advisor
> appears at different time periods that they existed. Each
> advisor, noble and
> courtier as influnce over your other advisors and government and
> could start
> a civil war. When civil happens royal heirs use their armies to take your
> thrown. When you defeat them and capture them you can have them
> randsomed or
> executed. If they defeat you they could assassinate you or
> execute you. The
> battles in this scenerio are in realtime as well as tournments, jousting
> matches and executions (beheadings, burnings, hangings and more). You can
> marry into other royal houses like for England you can marry for
> an alliance
> Catherine of Aragon (Spain d. 1536), Anne Boelyn (France d. 1536), Jane
> Seymour (England d. 1537), Anne of Cleves (Germany d. 1557), Catherine
> Howard (England d. 1542), Catherine Parr (England d. 1548), Jane Grey (d.
> 1554), Alexandra of Russia (d. 1918), Anne of Denmark (d. 1626),
> Caroline of
> Brunswick (Germany d. 182 1), Marie Antoniete (France d. 1793), Ellenor of
> Aquitine (France d. late 12th century), Margaret of Anjou (France d.late
> 15th century), Matilda of England (England d.late 12th century), Catherine
> of France (d. early 15' century), Catherine DeMedici of France
> (d. 1589) and
> more. You also have to colonize the new world and asia as well as
> the entire
> world from 1492 to 1920 using explorers, conquistors,
> mercanaries, pirates,
> buccaneers, military, settlers, missionaries and more. You can also play a
> pirate using l` person 3 -D virtual reality. You have to compete with
> England, France, Holland, Spain and Portugal. You also have to worry about
> Wars of Independence, Revolutionary Wars, Wars of Religion, French
> Revolution, Napoleonic Wars, Colonial Wars, World War 1 and more. You have
> to worry about all the dynasties and leaders. You have to deal with the
> Ancient Egyptian Dynasties, Japanese feudal dynasties under the Shogun,
> Ptolemy Dynasty, Fatimid Dynasty, Ming Dynasty, Qin Dynasty,
> Manchu Dynasty,
> Norman Dynasty, Plantagnet Dynasty, Lancaster Dynasty, York Dynasty, Tudor
> Dynasty, Stuart Dynasty, Hapsburg Dynasty, Romanov Dynasty,
> Valois Dynasty,
> Bourbon Dynasty, De Medici Dynasty, Angevin-Capet Dynasty, Papal Dynasty,
> Maurya Dynasty, Ghazni Dynasty, Mongol Dynasties, and more. You can also
> build castles and fortifications from the first wooden castle to the World
> War 1 type fortifications. You can build pyramids and castles using
> animation. There would also be role playing elements in the game as well
> were you can interact with different characters in an interactive palace
> where you deal with advisors and courtiers that you can have executed. In
> the Modem scenerio as an American president after the
> Revolutionary War you
> get to colonize the west and then the world. While dealing with
> homesteaders, outlaws, other imperial powers, the mafia, the French
> Revolution, the War of 1812, Napoleonic Wars, the Mexican War, the Civil
> War, Indians, Spanish, Cubans, Mexicans, South Americans, Recontruction,
> World War 1, Russian Civil War, crime in the cities in 1920's-1930's,
> Prohibition, Depression, World War 11, Korean War, Vietnam War, Space
> program, Rise and Fall of the Axis (Nazis and Japanese) and
> Communism. Civil
> Rights, protests of the 1960's, crises of the 1970's and more. As well as
> the chaos the Vietnam War is causing. In the Modem preset scenerio that
> takes place from World War 1 to the Present. You must industrialize you
> nation. While dealing with World War 1, Russian Revolution, Russian Civil
> War, Spanish Civil War, Russo-Finnish War, World War 11, Korean
> War, Vietnam
> War, Afghanistan War, Cold War, Arab-Israeli Wars, Falkland War, Indian
> Revolution 1948, Mayalian Emergency 1948 to 1960, Berlin Airlift, Iranian
> Revolution, Iran-Iraq War, India-Pakistan Wars, Cyprus and Sri Lanka Civil
> Wars, Lebanon Wars, Asian Wars, Polish/ Hungarian/Czech uprisings
> of 1956 to
> 1968, Egyptian-Libyan Wars, Vietnam-Cambodia Wars, Indo-China War,
> Vietnam-China War, Cambodian Civil War, Vietnamization, Bay of
> Pigs, Second
> Russian Civil War and more. You can also play a Soviet dictator (Stalin,
> Khurshev, Breznev) and you have to deal with collective farms, gulags,
> purges, persecutions, executions, assassinations, propaganda and more. You
> also have to deal with the SS, SA, NKVD, KGB, CIA, Trotsky,
> Kerensky, Beria
> and Joesph McCarthy.You can also play the role of Czar Nicholas 11 and you
> have to deal with World War 1, Russian Revolution and Russian Civil War as
> well as Rasputin and peasants and soldiers revolting. You can also play a
> warlord from Europe or Japan. You can play a native american
> chief trying to
> push the European powers back into the sea. You can also play a Axis
> dictator, South American dicatator or Middle East dictator. Also you have
> military and civilian units unique to every civilization and nation. Like
> the Russians would have the T-34 tank, IS-2 (JS-2), T-62, T-54/55, T-72,
> Katusha rocket launcher, Su-100, Su-152, IL-2, La-5/7, Yak-3, IL-10, Tu-2,
> Pe-2, Pe-8, IL-4, IL-28, Tu-4,1-15,1-16, Po-2, Hs-123, Yak-9,
> Mig- 15, Mig-
> 16, Mig- 17, Mig- 19, Mig-2 1, Mig-23, Mig-29, Mig-3 1, Mig-2 5, Su-24,
> Tu-26, Su-25, Su-27, Su-33, Hind helicopter etc. For the
> Americans you have
> CH-47, C-47, Sikorsky helicopter, CH-46, CH-53/54, U11-60, Kiowa, B-17,
> B-24, B-29, B-52, F-105, F-100, F-82, Panther jet, F-5, F-4, Skyraiders,
> P-51, P-47, P-38, P-40, P-39, P-63, Corsairs, Hellcats, Bearcats,
> Tigercats,
> Dauntless, Devastator, Avenger, Helldiver, Brewester Buffalo, A-26s, B-26,
> B-25s, B-57s, F-8s, CH-46, A-7s, A-6, A-4, A-10, A-5, F-86s, F-84s, F-94s,
> F-89s, F-80s, F104s, U11-1s, AH-1s, A11-64, F-1 1 Is, F-14s, F-15s, F-16,
> F-18s, F-22, F-1 17, F-19, B-2, B-36, C- 13 0, OV- 10, Sherman tanks,
> Pershing tanks, Patton tanks, Grant tanks, M-60, M 1 and more.
> Germans would
> have the Fokker EIII, Albatros, Fokker Dr 1, Fokker VII, Fokker
> VIII, Siemen
> Schebert, Do-217, BP 109, BP 110, Fw- 190, Fw-200, Ju-52, Ju-87,
> Ju-88, He-
> 111, Do- 17, Me262, Me- 163, Hs- 129, 1Ie- 162, Do-3 3 5, Go-229, Me-210/4
> 10, Ar-234, X-planes (from XFighters), V- 1, V-2, A7A, Panther tank, Tiger
> tank as well as all the tanks, ships, submarines, aircraft from
> World War 1
> to the Gulf War and more. British get the Airco DH- 1, Se5, Sopwith Camel,
> Hurricane, Spitfire, Meteor, Lancaster, Stirling, Handley Page,
> Vimy bomber,
> Seafury, Tempest, Typhoon, Harrier, Tornado, Mark IV tank, Centurion tank,
> Churchill tank and more. Japanese get the Zero, Ki-83, Ki-84,
> Ki-100, N 1 K
> 1, Kikka, Shinden, Ki-27, Ki-43, Ki-6 1, Karnikazies, Ha-Go tank and more.
> French get the Spad, Nieuport, Morane, Mirage, Renault tank, Char tank and
> more. Italians would get the Fiat, Macchi, Caproni and more. All nations
> would get units unique to the era. If an alliance is going an
> underdeveloped
> nation would get lend lease units. It could be a Allied-Central Powers
> units, Allied-Axis units, Nato-Warsaw Pact units using a more complex
> tech-tree. You can have all military units unique to World War 1, Spanish
> Civil War, World War 11, Korean War, Vietnam War, Cold War, Arab-Israeli
> Wars and Gulf War. In techology advances you may get more
> aircraft, tank and
> ship techology. The cities would use a SimCity 3000 perspective
> and you can
> build anytype of structure from Ancient times to the present including
> Classical Roman, Native American, Sumerian, Oriential, Medieval,
> Renaissaince, Colonial and Modem. You can have premade cities like Rome,
> Athens, Alexandria, Memphis, Peking, Paris, London, Moscow, Amsterdam, New
> Amsterdam, Madrid, Tokyo, Osaka, Seoul, Hanoi, Bombay as well as all the
> cities in the world. In the 20th century you can see cars run along on the
> streets. The cars techology advances and you may see the Model T, to the
> Tailfinned cars of the 1950's to the Muscle Cars of the 1960's to
> the modern
> cars and maybe hovercars. You can build over 1000 of all types
> cars, trucks
> and tractors built from the late 19th century to the 21st century using a
> tech-tree include all types from America, Europe and Japan including
> American Austin, Allstate Four, American Bantam, AMC, Apollo,
> Auburn, Buick,
> Cadillac, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Continental, Cord, Crosley, Cunningham,
> Desoto, Dodge, DuelGhia, Duesenburg, Du Pont, Edsel, Excalibur, Ford,
> Franklin, Frazer, Graham, Henry J, Hudson, Hubmobile, Humbler, Imperial,
> Jordan, Kaiser, Kissel, Kurtis, La Salle, Lincoln, Mormon,
> Marmon, Mercury,
> Muntz, Nash, Oldsmobile, Packard, Pierce-Arrow, Plymouth,
> Pontiac, Rambler,
> Reo, Ruxton, Shelby, Studebaker, Stutz, Terraplane, Terraplane, Tucker,
> Willys, AC, Alfia Romeo, Allard, Alvis, Amphicar, 111C, Arnolt-Bristol,
> Aston Martin, Austin-Flealey, Bentley, BMC, BMW, Bristol, Bugatti, Nissan,
> Cisitalia, Citroen, Daimler, Datsun, Delage, Delahaye, De Tomaso, Facel
> Vega, Ferrari, Fiat, Glas, Gordon-Keeble, Healey, Hispano-Suiza, HRG,
> Humber, ISO, Jaguar, Jensen, Jensen-Healey, Lagonda, Larnborghini, Lancia,
> Land Rover, Lotus, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, MG, Morgan, NSU, Opel, Pegaso,
> Porsche, Renault, Riley, Rolls-Royce, Rover, Saab, SS, Sunbeam, Swallow,
> Talbot, Triumph, TVR, Vanden Plas, Volkswagen, Volvo. You can also choose
> what cars your cities are to build with car factories. You can build the
> Model T, '34 Packard, '41 Lincoln Continental, '49 Buick, '49 Cadilliac,
> '49/50 Ford, '50 Chevy, '50 Nash Rambler, '56 Rambler, '50 ChyrIer, '51
> Hudson Hornet, '51 Mercury, '52 Desoto Firedome,'53 Corvette,'53 Buick,53
> Cadillac, '53 Studabaker,'53 Packard, '55 Chevy,'55 Ford, '55 Pontiac,35
> Packard Caribbean,'56 Oldsmobile Starfire, '56 Thunderbird,'56 Ford,'56
> Lincoln Continental, '56 Chevy, '57 Chevy, '57 Corvette, '57 Cadillac, '57
> Pontiac, '57 Studabaker Golden Hawk, '57 Mercedes, '57 Plymouth Fury, '57
> Ford, '58 Ford, 38 Thunderbird, 38 Chevy, '58 Edsel,'58/59 Corvette,'59
> Cadillac,'59 Ford, '60 Chevy,'60 Convair, '60 Ford Falcon, '60
> Chrysler, '61
> Lincoln Continental, '62 Corvette, '62 Thunderbird, '62
> Oldsmobile Starfire,
> '63 AMC Rambler, '63 Chevy, '63 Studabaker, '63 Corvette, '63
> Cadilliac, '63
> Buick Rivera,'64 Ford Mustang, '64 Pontiac GTO, '65 Mustang, '65 Pontiac
> GTO, '66 Ford Mustang, '67 Pontiac GTO, '67 Ford Mustang, '67 Camaro, '67
> Plymouth, '67 Corvette, '68 Camaro, '68 Pontiac GTO, '68 Dodge
> Charger, '68
> Corvette, '69 Ford Mustang, '69 Camaro, '69 Corvette, '70 Dodge
> Charger, '70
> Ford Mustang, '70 Chevelle, '70 Plymouth, '70 Plymouth Cuda, '70 Ford
> Maverick, '71 Plymouth Cuda and much more. In the cities in america during
> civil disorder you have to worry about the mafla (including mob bosses)
> trying to take control and the factions fight each other shooting and
> blowing up cars. Other leaders included would be Solomon, Genghis Khan,
> Kubla Khan, Chang-Kai-Shek of China, Kim Sung of North Korea,
> Akbar, Stephen
> of England, Vlad the Impaler, Alexander Nevsky, Gustuvus
> Adolphus, Ivan the
> Terrible, Macbeth, Robert Bruce, William Wallace, Alfred the
> Great, William
> the Conqueror, Pope Clement, Pope Boniface, Pope Innocent, Pope Pius, Pope
> Urban, Francis of France, Charles of Sweden, Charles of France, Henry of
> Germany, Henry of France, Charles XII of Sweden, Ptolemy, Saladin, Richard
> 1, Richard 11, Edward 1, Edward 11, Edward Ill, Henry 11, Henry Ill, Henry
> IV of France, Henry VI, Edward IV, Henry V, Richard Ill, Henry VII, Henry
> VIII, Edward VI, Mary 1, Elizabeth 1, James 1, Charles 1, Oliver Cromwell,
> Charles 11, James 11, William and Mary, George 1, George 11, George Ill,
> George IV, Queen Victoria, Christian of Denmark, George V, Philip 11 of
> Spain, Charles V, Kaiser Wilhelm 11, Nicholas 11 of Russia, Franz Josef of
> Austria, Fredrick the Great, Louis XIV, Louis XVI, Napoleon, Napoleon Ill,
> Otto von Bismarck, Peter the Great, Catherine the Great, Mary Queen of
> Scots, Athalpa of the Incas, Geronimo, Thomas Jefferson, George
> Washington,
> Madison, Monroe, Jackson, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Simon Bolivar, Woodrow
> Wilson, FDR, Churchill, Hitler, Franco, Petain, Mussolini, Tito, Sadat,
> Nasser, Stalin, Ho Chi Mihn, Truman, LBJ, Nixon, Castro, Saddam Hussein,
> Shah of Iran, Pancho Villa, De Gaulle, Po Pot, Kadifi and more. It would
> include the Tudor Dynasty, Stuart Dynasty, Hapsburg Dynasty, Bourbon
> Dynasty, Valois Dynasty, Romanov Dynasty, De Medici Dynasty, Hannoverian
> Dynasty and more. You also have Imperial Japan, Manchu Dynasty, Imperial
> Russia, Imperial Germany and more. You also have preset
> historical scenerios
> like the Opium Wars, and World War 1 and more. You also have real time
> combat. You can also play a native american and federate the other tribes
> while trying to push the European powers back into the sea. As a European
> Power you have to watch out for Wars of Indenpendences as your
> colonies try
> to break away. You can also play in scenerios where you play the role of
> Henry VIII and Elizabeth 1 where you deal with the pope,
> religious factions,
> parliment, religious persecution, military conquest and
> colonization of the
> new world and more. You can also colonize other planets when you
> are in the
> space race, but other civilizations from earth also plan to do the same
> thing and space battles may ensue (star wars trilogy type techology). Also
> in the game would be a built in wargame with historical scenerios
> from 3000
> B.C. to 2000 A.D. and includes all the major and minor wars, leaders and
> nations. It would have isometric graphics as well as 3 -D graphics 1 st
> person perspective (simulation/action style battles or Time Commado/Dark
> Forces 2 style) and it would use animated minitures and operate
> in realtime.
> It would include campaigns and scenerios from any war that would use a
> Panzer General 2 and Steel Panthers 3 campaign type system were
> you have the
> same type units and scenerios. Other units are to include a '5 0
> Chevy, '3 1
> Chevy Truck, '5 7 Chevy truck, '51 Ford Truck, '25 Ford Truck, '56 Ford
> Truck, WWII jeeps and trucks, '49 Mercury, '31 Ford,'53 Chevy Truck,'57
> Dodge Truck,'55-57 Chevy Nomad,'72 Chevy Truck, '72 Chevy,'79
> Oldsmoble, '55
> Corvette, '56 Corvette, '78 Corvette, '65 Corvette Mako Shark,
> '32 Ford, '40
> Ford, '40 Ford Truck, 1903 Ford, 1907 Rolisroyce, 1913 Model T, '32
> Cadillac, '67 Volkswagen, '48 Chysler, '48 Tucker Torpedo, '3 5 Mercedes
> 770, '3 5 Mercedes 500K, '26 Mercedes, '5 5 Mercedes, 1904 Mercedes,'54
> Mercedes,'35 Duesenberg,30 Duesenburg,'40 Duesenburg, '33 Duesenburg
> Grand,'29 Cord,'56 Ford, 37 Cord, '33 Duesenburg J, 1905 Rolls-Royce,'25
> RollsRoyce,'29 Bentley,'29 Rolls-Royce,'36 Bugatti, '24 Hispano-Suiza, '25
> Hispano-Suiza, '30 Burgatti, '29 Bugatti, 1899 Packard, 1896
> Mercades, 1912
> Packard,'38 Alvis, '38 Jaguar,'55 Porshe, '61 Jaguar, 1896 Ford, '55
> Rolls-Royce, '21 Rolls-Royce, '64 Cadillac, '5 9 Chevy, '61
> Chevy, Ferraris,
> Lambarginis and over 1000 different types of all the cars, motorcycles,
> tractors and trucks from 1900 to 2000. These cars will run around on the
> streets of your cities of the 20th century. The poorer cities
> don't get cars
> and cars create traffic and pollution problems if you create to many of
> them. In the 20th century when your cities burn (if they do due to
> disasters) you can use firetrucks like the '22 Aherens,'65 Seagrave, 1916
> Ford Fire-engine, 1912 Christie,'65 LaFrance. Other miliary units that are
> unique to certain civilizations are for the Japanese will get the Zero,
> Ki-83, Ki-84, Shinden, Kikka, N1K1, Ki-100, Kates, Nicks, Betty
> bombers and
> more, the British would get the Spitfire, Meteor, Lancaster Bombers,
> Stirling Bombers, Mosquito, Sopwith Camels, SE-5, Seafury,
> Tempest, Typhoon,
> Harriers and more, the French would get the Spad, Nieuport and more. The
> Americans would get the F-82, F- 100, B-36, B-32 and more. In other word
> those civilizations would get the same types of units, scenerios, battles,
> campaigns, wars that are in Steel Panthers 1, 2 and 3, Panzer
> General 1 and
> 2, Allied General, Civil War Generals, East Front, Nam, Age of Rifles, Age
> of Muskets, Imperialism, Conquest of the New World, Great Battles of
> Alexander, Hannibal, Julius Caesar and Pacific General. Also including the
> Norman Dynasty, Carolinian Dynasty, Theodosius Dynasty, Justinian Dynasty,
> Heraclius Dynasty, Isaurian Dynasty, Macedonian Dynasty,
> Comnenian Dynasty,
> Antonies Dynasty, Severan Dynasty, Flavian Dynasty, Comneni
> Dynasty, Angeli
> Dynasty, Lascarid Dynasty, Palaeologi Dynasty, Sung Dynasty and
> more as well
> as all 65 Roman Emperors, all the European Monarchs, Asian
> Monarchs, Middle
> Eastern Monarchs, Dictators, Native Chiefs and American Presidents. Other
> units would include English Civil War units like Roundheads and Cavaliers.
> Spanish Conquistors, Mexican Banditos, Outlaws, Bounty Hunters,
> Gunfighters,
> Macemen, Axemen, Gladiators, Crossbowmen, Arquebussmen, for the
> Vietnam War
> having Seal Team, gunboats, minelayers, snipers, Viet Cong and North
> Vietnamese Army units. Another suggestion is have a prehistoric preset
> scenerio where you have 150 different species over a period of 360 million
> years starting with amphibians and including dinosaurs (3 -D animated)
> trying to be evolved enough to they can create a civilization (with a tree
> of life) like in the game Evolution and 3 -D like in Trespasser Jurassic
> Park Lost World game. Another suggestion is a preset scenerio like in the
> game Imperialism and Conquest of the New World were you must colonize the
> world from the late 1 5th century and early 16th century and ending in the
> late 19th century and early 20th century ending with the end of
> World War 1
> which would include Japanese Warring States Period, Cortez's campaigns,
> Charles V's campaigns, Henry VIII's campaigns, Spanish Armada, Falklands
> War, Bosian War, Indian Mutiny 1857, Italian Wars of Unification, French
> Revolution, Russian Revolution, Iranian Revolution, Iran-Iraq War. Another
> suggestion is have a scenerio like in the game Rebellion were you can
> colonize other worlds in space, but other civilizations from
> earth are doing
> the same with futuristic techology (Star Wars trilogy type
> techology). Also
> in the historical preset scenerios it would be interesting to have a
> Centurion Defender of Rome, Panzer General 2, Pacific General and Steel
> Panthers 3 type campaign system in realtime. Also building buildings from
> Caesar 3 would be interesting for the Roman scenerios, but in virtual
> reality just like SimCity 3000 and realtime gameplay of Age of Empires 2,
> Plague, Populous 3, Settlers 2, 7 Kingdoms, Eldorado and Castles
> 3. You can
> see citizens on the streets from Ancient times to the future wearing
> authentic costumes and outfits. Another suggestion for a preset
> scenerio is
> a doomsday scenerio where you have to deal with the black plague in 1348,
> Atlantis scenerio, plagues of the late Roman Empire, plagues of the 16th
> century, Astroroids hitting the earth in the present or the Sun
> turning into
> a Red Giant and then collaping into a Black Hole. So getting into
> space will
> be even more important. A 3 -D globe would also be interesting. Other cars
> to run on the city roads. Such as the Aston Martin, '41 Dodge truck, '67
> Morris, 'S 1 Citroen, '68 Chevy El Camino, 1914 Rolls-Royce, 1911
> Rolls-Royce, '48 MG, '29 Cord, '29 Dodge truck, '3 4 Packard, '64
> Aston-Martin, 1915 Stutz, '25 Stutz, '3 8 Alvin, '36 Mercedes,
> '55 Corvette,
> '56 Corvette, '84 Corvette, '86 Corvette, '88 Corvette, '93 Corvette, '75
> Corvette, '37 Studabaker, Viper, '42 Ford truck, '31 Ford truck, '41 Chevy
> truck, '56 Ford, '55 Pontiac. Space techology would include the
> A-1 Sputnik,
> Vanguard, Juno 1/2, Thor, Agena, A-2 Lunik, Thor-Able Star, Atlas-Agena
> Ranger, A-2-e Mars/Venus, Mercury-Redstone, A-1 Vostok, B-1 Cosmose,
> Mercury-Atlas, A-2 Voskhod, C- 1 Cosmos, Gemini-Titan, Delta E,
> Diarnant A,
> D- 1 Proton, Titan IIIC, Titan IIIB-Agena, Saturn IB, F-1-r FOBS,
> A-2 Soyuz,
> F-1-m SIS, Saturn V Apollo, D-1-e Zond, Lambda4S-5, CSL-1 Long March 1,
> Diarnant B, Black Arrow Prospero, Mu-4S, Europa 11, Titan RID,
> D-1 Salyut 1,
> Scout, Saturn V Skylab, Delta 2914, Titan IIIE-Centaur, Mu-3C,
> Diamant BP4,
> NI, CSL-2 FB-1, Delta 3914, Atlas E/F, F-2 Tsyklon, Mu-3H, Atlas-Centaur,
> Ariane 1, SLV-3, Space Shuttle, Titan 34D, Delta 34D, Delta 3920, N-11,
> CZ-3, Ariane 3, ASLV, H-1, Ariane 4, Delta 11, Buran Energiya,
> CZ-4, CZ-2E,
> H-II, Hennes Arlane 5, all types of satellites, lunar landers, spaceships
> and more. Another suggestion is a more detailed Age of Discovery type
> Scenerio that would be like Conquest of the New World. You must
> colonize the
> entire world from 1492 to the fall of the dynasties in 1918 using the P'
> person perspectives or point of view, but what out for pirates,
> privateers,
> buccaneers and later on submarines. You can issue a letter of Marque. You
> also have all train, trolley types, street cars from 1830 to 2000
> as well as
> cars and trucks from 1890 to 2000 using a tech-tree. New military
> unit would
> include the Railway artillery, F-100, F-84, Panther jet, Banche
> jet, Tu-95,
> Tu-4, XP-56, XP-75, XP-77, X-B-35, X-B-49, X-1, X-2, X-3, X-5, SR-71, 707,
> 727, 737, 747, 777, DC-8, C-5, C-54, X-Planes and more. How about animated
> units. Sorry for wasting your time.
> Sincerely
> Mr. Schure

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