[pr0k] Re: Disappointment of the weekend

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  • Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 15:47:15 +0100

Talking of disappointments I have being playing Halo and what generic
lazy game!

The level designers should have been shot for what they produced.

The characters suck.

And the ai sucks.

Toks' capsule review: piece of shit!

Sorry I meant to unimaginative piece of shit!

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How did you end up having to watch those two lizardmen?

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> > I saw Minority Report on holiday. It's kind of boring.=20
> It has Tom Cruise in it.  Fuck it.
> Autin Powers 3 conned me into watching Tom cruise AND John=20
> Travolta.  The
> fucking evil incarnate scientology brainwashed fucknut twins.

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