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Yeah I had heard that he had film some new bits for the release of
episode 4,5and6 on dvd

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Seems that George is going to be doing more fiddling still with RETURN
THE JEDI, I suppose digitally removing the Ewoks and creating his
lizard people is out of the question... ahem... But AAAANNNYWAYYY Seems
George is gonna have Natalie Portman doing something in Jedi, I imagine
will have something to do somewhere with the celebration sequence,
because I
swear to God if he makes her a blue shimmery ghost thing somebody is
need an asswhuppin'. We've also heard that Jar Jar was going to end up
in A
NEW HOPE. (Please don't hit me, I bear only the message) George also
recently revealed that R2D2 and Threepio get their memories wiped in
3 for reasons not yet revealed. So there ya go.

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