[pr0k] Re: Computer games are good for you! Part 1.

  • From: Andy Burrows <Andy.Burrows@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: "'pr0k@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx'" <pr0k@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2002 11:28:40 +0100

..."there could suddenly be a lot more interest in computer gaming both as a
science and as a sport."

What a stupid fucking article.  So what if the brain enters a state similar
to when playing sports - It's just concentration on something.  You're not
going to get fit playing computer games, you just get fat and die.  People
get fit playing sport by moving around and doing exercise, not by having
their brain concentrate.  The Javelin thrower in this instance does not get
fit or healthy through those seconds of concentration but through the
exercise done before hand.

I mean, what does the article even say?  It doesn't say anything, they found
out that playing computer games requires you to concentrate!  Holy shit!
I'd never have guessed that, after concentrating on them for hours!

And what is the point of this "Flow State" thing?  To work out how much a
person concentrates?  And...  Wow, the factors at the end are stunning...
"Yes, people do concentrate on things that require concentration, accuracy
and mental dexterity."  Wow, science today.

This is just another half-backed article to try and give some kind of
scientific background crap to something that is a form of entertainment.

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