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  • From: Nicholas Stephens <Nicholas@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 27 May 2002 12:38:35 +0100

>Have you been asked to leave?

Nope, I've just had a better offer. My friend Nendie's flatmate just moved
out and so she needs someone to move in. The room's much nicer then mine and
the flat's in a much better location, right next to a tube station and just
down the road from where I work.
The only negative thing is that it's less 'sociable' then my current house,
but then again it gets a bit mental with six other people living there and
Michelle kind of does my nut in at times.
My room's pretty crap though and it's a pain in the ass walking to the tube

Plus I get free piano lessons from Nendie and when I move in I'll get the
chance to mess around with a drum kit.

I'm living with a guy called Nick at the moment but he is moving out in
the middle of June.=20

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So who are you living with, gay boy Toks?

I'm moving house again in a couple of weeks.

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Did you try to rape her?

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> No I hate her and I hope she gets hit by a stupid american bus.

Ah, she kicked you back...  Sorry mate.

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