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No you see, what happened was this. We were in my room and I was being
really smooth and suave and just generally getting her in the right mood and
sending the right 'body signals'. Anyway, everything was going really well!
Or so I thought, I was just about to make a move and then she said 'I think
we're better as friends'. I'm not quite sure what happened next, I kind of
panicked and then all my clothes just 'fell' off. Next thing I knew, I'd
tripped over and whilst trying to stabilize myself and keep my balance I
thrust out an arm and kind of 'punched' her in the jaw. My momentum from
tripping was just too great and I toppled over on top of her. It all got a
bit confused after that and was terribly embarrassing as you can imagine,
but now she won't speak to me and I don't understand why.

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What you were trying to rape your flat mate but went into the wrong

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>Did you try to rape her?

Only by accident.

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