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Mohon pencerahan ya?

a) Bilamana agama Hindu muncul dan Kitab Vedda ditulis? Ribuan tahun 
SM kalau tak salah.
Bilamana Islam muncul? 600an setelah Kristus wafat kalau tak salah. 
lalu bagaimana Hindu bisa mengutib mengenai nabi Muhammad?

b) Bukankah agama Hindu memuja Shiva, Brahma dan Vishnu sebagai ke 
Allah-an utama mereka? Trimurti, dan tak ada yang lain? Ini bisa 
mencerahkan (atau membingungkan) saudara2 kita di Bali.

Bagaimana kalau anda menulis dissertasi mengenai thema ini? saya akan 
terjemahkan dalam bahasa Jerman, pasti laku terjual...


RM D Hadinoto

--- In ppiindia@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, RG Nur Rahmat <garnizoon70@xxxx> 
> Prophet Muhammed in Hindu Scriptures 
> by By: Prof. Pundit Vaid Parkash
> Translated: Mir Abdul Majeed 
> ***** The Last Kalki Autar (Messenger) that the Veda has foretold 
and who is waited on by Hindus is the Prophet Muhammed ibn Abdullah 
(saw) ***** 
> A recently published book in Hindi has raised a lot of hue and cry 
all over India. In the event of the author being Muslim, he would 
have been jailed AND a strict ban would have certainly been imposed 
on the printing and the publishing of the book. 
> The author of this important research work "Kalki Autar" 
i.e. "Guide and Prophet of whole universe" comes of a Bengali race 
and holds an important portfolio at Ilahabad University.  Pundit Vaid 
Parkash is a Brahman Hindu and a well known Sanskrit scholar and 
research workder. 
> Pundit Vaid Parkash, after a great deal of toil and hard-work, 
presented the work to as many as eight great Pundits who are 
themselves very well known in the field of research in India, and are 
amongst the learned religious leaders. Their Pundits, after thorough 
study of the book, have acknowledged this to be true and authentic 
research work. 
> Important religious books of India mention the guide and prophet by 
the specific name of "Kalki Autar" it denotes the great man Muhammed 
(saw) who was born in Makkah.  Hence, all Hindus where-ever they may 
be, should wait no longer for any other 'kalik autar' but to embrace 
Islam and follow in the footsteps of the last Messenger of Allah 
(swt) who was sent in the world about fourteen hundred years ago with 
a mission from Him and after accomplishing it has long ago departed 
this world.  As an argument to prove the authenticity of his 
research, Pundit Vaid Parkash quotes from the Veda, a sacred book 
among Hindus: 
> 1. Veda mentions that 'kalki autar' will be the last 
Messenger/Prophet of Bhagwan (Allah) to guide the whole world.  Afer 
quoting this reference the Pundit Parkash says that this comes true 
only in the case of Muhammed (saw). 
> 2. According to a prophecy of Hinduism, 'kalki autar' will be born 
in an island and that is the Arab territory which is known 
as 'jazeeratul Arab'. 
> 3. In the 'sacred' book of Hindus the father's name of 'kalki 
autar' is mentioned as 'Vishnu Bhagat' and his mother's name 
as 'somanib'. In sanskrit, 'vishnu' stands for Allah (swt) and the 
literal meaning of 'bhagat' is slave. 
> 'Vishnu Bhagat' therefore, in the Arabic language will mean Allah's 
slave (Abdullah). 'Somanib' in Sanskrit means peace and tranquilty 
which in arabic is denoted by the word 'Amina'. Whereas the last 
Messenger Muhammed's (saw) father and mother's names were Abdullah 
and Amina respectively. 
> 4. In the big books of Hindus, it is mentioned that 'kalki autar' 
will live on olive and dates and he will be true to his words and 
honest. In this regard Pundit Parkash writes, "This is true and 
established only in the case of Muhammed (saw)". 
> 5. Veda mentions that 'kalki autar' will be born in the respected 
and noble dynasty of his land.  And this is also true as regards 
Muhammed (saw) as he was born in the respected tribe of Quraish who 
enjoyed great respect and high place in Makkah. 
> 6. 'Kalki Autar' will be taught in the cave by Bhagwan through his 
own messenger.  And it is very true in this matter.  Muhammed (saw) 
was the only one person in Makkah who has taught by Allah's Messenger 
Gabriel in the cave of Hira. 
> 7. It is written in the books which Hindus believe that Bhagwan 
will provide 'Kalki autar' with the fastest of a horse and with the 
help of which he will ride around the world and the seven 
skies/heavens.  The riding on 'Buraq' and 'Meraj' by the Prophet 
Muhammed (saw) proves what? 
> 8. It is also written in the Hindus' books that 'kalki autar' will 
be strengthened and heavily helped by Bhagwan.  And we know this fact 
that Muhammed (saw) was aided and reinforced by Allah (swt) through 
His angels in the battle of Badr. 
> 9. Hindus' books also mention that 'kalki autar' will be an expert 
in horse riding, arrow shooting, and swordsmanship.  What Pundit Vaid 
Parkash comments in this regard is very important and worth attention 
and consideration. He writes that the age of horses, swords, and 
spears is long ago gone and now is the age of modern weapons like 
tanks, missiles, and guns, and therefore it will be unwise to wait 
for 'kalki autar' bearing sword and arrows or spears.  In reality, 
the mention in our books of 'kalki autar' is clearly indicative of 
Muhammed (saw) who was given the heavenly book known as Al-Qur'an. 
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