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Bom Bunuh Diri di Irak Tewaskan 100 Orang

 Dua bom bunuh diri yang meledak di Kota Arbil, Irak Utara, 
diperkirakan menewaskan 100 orang dan 235 terluka. Korban tewas 
termasuk gubernur dan sejumlah pejabat pemerintah regional Kurdi.
Demikian disampaikan Menteri HAM Pemerintahan Kurdi, Mohammed Ihsan 
seperti diberitakan AP, Minggu (1/2/2004). 

Bom bunuh diri itu meledak di kantor Uni Patriotik Kurdistan (PUK) 
dan Partai Demokratik Kurdistan (KDP). Saat itu pimpinan partai itu 
tengah menerima ratusan pengunjung yang akan memulai peringatan hari 
raya korban, Idul Adha.

"Saya percaya 60 orang terbunuh di PUK dan 80 orang di KDP. Korban 
tewas termasuk gubernur, menteri dan petugas administrasi dan 
beberapa pejabat senior," kata Ihsan. 

Pemimpin pasukan koalisi di Baghdad menyatakan, tak mempunyai 
informasi akan adanya serangan tersebut. 

56 Die, 235 Hurt in Twin Iraqi Bombings    
56 minutes ago  

By SCHEHEREZADE FARAMARZI, Associated Press Writer 

IRBIL, Iraq - Two suicide bombers struck the offices of two U.S.-
backed Kurdish parties in near-simultaneous attacks Sunday as 
hundreds of Iraqis gathered to celebrate a Muslim holiday. At least 
56 people were killed and more than 235 were wounded, officials said. 

AP Photo 

 Slideshow: Iraq 

  Northern Iraq Blasts Kill 3 GIs, 9 Iraqis    

One Kurdish minister said the death toll could exceed 100. The U.S. 
command in Baghdad put the casualty toll at 56 dead and more than 200 
were injured. Kurdish officials said 57 were dead and the count could 
go higher. 

The attack was believed to be the deadliest since an Aug. 29 car 
bombing in the holy city of Najaf killed Ayatollah Mohammed Baqir al-
Hakim and more than 100 others as they emerged from Friday prayers. 

It was also believed to have been the first in which the suicide 
attackers wired bombs to themselves and detonated them while on foot, 
akin to the suicide attacks by Palestinian militants in Israel. 

There have been a series of suicide car bombings in Iraq (news - web 
sites) in recent weeks, raising concern that al-Qaida may be behind 
some of the attacks. Nobody claimed responsibility. However, a 
radical Kurdish group, Ansar al-Islam, operates in the Kurdish region 
and has been linked by U.S. officials to al-Qaida. 

Also Sunday, about 20 Iraqis were killed when they accidentally set 
off an explosion while looting a former Iraqi munitions dump in the 
Polish-controlled south-central region of the country, a spokesman 
for Polish-led international peacekeepers said. 

The blast occurred after midnight in the desert about 180 kilometers 
(112 miles) southwest of Karbala after Iraqis broke into the 
munitions storage site, military spokesman Col. Robert Strzelecki 
said. Karbala is about 100 kilometers (60 miles) southwest of 
Baghdad. U.S. military officials had no information on the blast. 

The suicide attacks at the Irbil offices of the Kurdistan Democratic 
Party and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan occurred as party leaders 
were receiving hundreds of visitors to mark the start of the four-day 
Muslim holiday, Eid Al-Adha, or the Feast of Sacrifice. Security 
guards for both parties said they did not search people entering for 
the ceremony because of the tradition of receiving guests during the 
Eid festivities. 

Although the final death toll was unclear, the attack was a 
devastating blow to the political leadership of the Kurdish minority, 
the most pro-American group in Iraq. The dead included the governor 
of the region, ministers in the local administration and several 
senior officials and two deputy chiefs of the patriotic union, 
Mohammed Ihsan, the minister for human rights for the Kurdish 
regional government, and other officials. 

Irbil city morgue director Tawana Kareem told the AP that 57 bodies 
were brought to the morgue and "figures are increasing." At least 235 
people were admitted to the city's three hospitals with injuries, 
medical sources said. 

"These figures are estimates but I believe about 60 people were 
killed at the PUK and about 80 at the KDP. There are a tremendous 
number of injured," Ihsan said. 

"On the first day of Eid we receive people and well wishers and 
that's why security wasn't as tight as during the rest of the days. 
They (the attackers) took advantage of this." 

U.S. military officials had said they were prepared for any upsurge 
of violence in connection with the holiday. The start of the Islamic 
fasting month of Ramadan last year marked a sharp escalation in 
violence against the U.S.-led coalition and its Iraqi allies. 

Ihsan said the targeted sites were the parties' branch offices, about 
12 kilometers (eight miles) apart. 

A state of emergency was declared in the Kurdish area, and doctors 
have been asked to return from vacation. An urgent appeal has been 
issued to residents to donate blood. 

The dead include Irbil Gov. Akram Mintik, Deputy Prime Minister Sami 
Abdul Rahman, Minister of Council of Ministers Affairs Shawkat Sheik 
Yazdin and Agriculture Minister Saad Abdullah, Ihsan said. Irbil is 
about 320 kilometers (200 miles) north of the capital, Baghdad. 

The PUK and KDP parties control the Kurdish-dominated provinces of 
northern Iraq where most of the country's minority Kurds live. 


Thousands of people crowded outside Irbil's hospital looking for 
loved ones but were kept out by police. At the Rizgari Hospital 
morgue, bodies covered with blankets in the corridors and blood all 
over the floor. Outside, women wailed, men sobbed, holding their 
heads and beating their heads and chests in grief. 

Officials said the top Kurdish leaders were greeting people when the 
attacker approached them and detonated the explosives strapped around 
his body. 

The second attack took place at about the same time in the PUK office 
across town, PUK spokesman Kadhim Ali said. Several people were 
killed and injured in the PUK attack, he said. 

Hours after the attack, a mangled head believed to be that of the 
bomber law on the floor of the Kurdistan Democratic Party office. 
Blood and bits of flesh were spattered on the walls and ceilings. 

Irbil houses the Kurdish parliament. Under U.S.-led aerial 
protection, Iraqi Kurds, ethnically distinct from the majority Arabs, 
have ruled a Switzerland-sized swath of northern Iraq since the end 
of the Gulf War (news - web sites) more than a decade ago. 

The last major attack in Irbil occurred Dec. 24 when a suicide bomber 
detonated an explosives-packed car in front of the Kurdish Interior 
Ministry, killing four civilians and wounding 101. 

The latest attacks coincided with a visit to Baghdad by Deputy 
Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz, who arrived on Saturday to boost 
the morale of troops. Wolfowitz, whose visit was not disclosed before 
his arrival, was planning to watch the Super Bowl with U.S. troops 
Sunday, but it was not known where. 

The suicide bombings came a day after a car bomb outside a police 
station in the northern city of Mosul killed at least nine people and 
wounded 45. It was unclear whether that attack was a suicide bombing 
or whether the driver fled before the explosion. U.S. officials have 
said recent vehicle bombings and suicide attacks in Iraq bear the 
mark of al-Qaida. 

Hours later, a mortar attack hit a Baghdad neighborhood, killing five 
people and wounding four. 

Also Saturday, three U.S. soldiers from the 4th Infantry Division 
were killed in a roadside bombing near the northern oil center of 
Kirkuk. Their deaths brought to 522 the number of American service 
members who have died since the Iraq war began March 20. 

The mortar landed in the Baladiyaat neighborhood, a predominantly 
Palestinian immigrant area, on Saturday night, gouging a crater in 
the ground and sending shrapnel flying. 

Four Palestinian residents were killed, neighbors and relatives said. 
The fifth victim was an Iraqi who was visiting the area, they said. 

Residents on Sunday carried the bodies of the four Palestinians in 
coffins draped in Palestinian flags from a mosque to their homes 
before taking them to a cemetery for burial. Some young men in the 
funeral procession fired rifles in the air, a traditional Arab 

Although it was not known who fired the mortar, angry mourners blamed 
the United States. 

Many women in the procession sobbed. Men chanted "Allahu Akbar!", 
or "God is Great!", "America is the enemy of Allah!" and "A martyr is 
God's beloved!" 

, January 31, 2004 Posted: 2:00 PM EST (1900 GMT)
 Reports says up to nine people died Saturday in the Mosul, Iraq, 

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Two bombings in Iraq on Saturday killed 12 
people, i=
ncluding three American soldiers, and wounded at least 45 others, 
 to the U.S. military and news agency reports.=20

A car bomb exploded early Saturday, which was payday at a police 
station in=
 the northern Iraq of Mosul. The blast killed nine people and wounded 
at le=
ast 45 others, according to news agency reports.=20

There were no U.S. casualties, said U.S. Army Maj. Trey Cate. Fire 
ue teams are on the scene as well U.S. forces, Cate said.=20

Also Saturday, a roadside bomb attack on a U.S. Army convoy traveling 
en the northeast Iraqi towns of Tikrit and Kirkuk killed three U.S. 

A military spokesman told CNN the attack on soldiers of the 4th 
Infantry Di=
vision happened 25 miles (40 kilometers) southwest of Kirkuk. The 
deaths br=
ing to 522 the number of U.S. forces killed in the Iraq war, 
364 =
from hostile fire.=20

Witnesses to the Mosul attack told The Associated Press they saw 
severed li=
mbs and decapitated bodies in the street in front of the police 
er the explosion. The police station was crowded when the bomb 
detonated, p=
olice Lt. Mohammed Fadil told the AP.=20

Some witnesses told the AP it appeared that a car drove through a 
security =
barricade in front of the police station before exploding.=20

One policeman said the blast was so powerful that there were 
ide the police station building.=20

The police station is next to the University of Mosul campus. Mosul 
t 225 (362 kilometers) miles northwest of Baghdad.=20

The attacks occurred a day before the start of the four-day Eid 
al-Adha, or=
 Feast of Sacrifice, a major Muslim holiday.=20

The latest bombings come after the United Nations said Friday that it 
ts to send advisers to Iraq shortly to assess the feasibility of 
ctions before the country regains its sovereignty. (Full story)=20

A U.N. team arrived Tuesday to evaluate security for electoral 
advisers, an=
d U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan cited assurances on their 
 the U.S.-led coalition.=20

"The coalition has indicated to me that they will do the maximum to 
 the teams that are going to work in Iraq, so I think that, from 
in a=
 few days, the teams will be ready to travel and to start work," 
 in Brussels, Belgium.=20

The United States has said it isn't practical to hold direct 
for =
a transitional national assembly before a sovereign Iraqi government 
takes =
control June 30. The Americans have suggested a caucus-style plan to 
 the legislature by the end of May.=20

But Iraq's top Shiite Muslim cleric, Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani, and 
s have staunchly favored direct elections.=20

A U.S. military official predicts the walk-up to independence could 
spawn m=
ore violence in Iraq.=20

"As we get closer to Iraqi sovereignty, we expect to see an uptick in 
the a=
mount of violence that we have in the country of which we are fully 
d to handle," Brig. Gen. Mark Kimmitt said.=20
Other developments
=95 NATO Secretary-General Jaap de Hoop Scheffer said he believes the 
tic alliance would be open to a request for a greater military 
commitment i=
n Iraq once the country regains its sovereignty. In his first visit 
the =
United States since assuming his post in January, Scheffer said he 
ident Bush discussed a possible greater NATO role after Iraq achieves 
endence. (Full story)=20

=95 Sen. John McCain, R-Arizona, told the AP an independent 
investigation i=
s needed to look into apparent intelligence failures on Iraq's 
bilities as well as flawed estimates on Iraq, North Korea and Libya. 
 top U.S. weapons inspector David Kay told a Senate panel this week 
e stockpiles of weapons of mass destruction have been found in Iraq. 
The Bu=
sh administration had cited such weapons as a key reason in going to 
war. (=
Full story)=20

=95 Iraqi authorities plan to investigate allegations of illegal oil 
trade =
between Saddam Hussein's regime and other countries, a member of the 
ppointed Iraqi Governing Council said. Naseir al-Chadirchi said 
Thursday th=
at authorities have documents allegedly looted from government 
ministries a=
fter Saddam's fall indicating deals apparently made outside of 
l strictures placed on the country's oil trade.=20

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