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Assalamu Alaikum Wr.Wb,

  Baru berita diturunkan bahwa 10 Gunmen Palestina yg dibunuh oleh=20
pasukan Israel. Dari semula parade para pejuang ala militer Palestina=20
di Kamp pengungsian, sudah diketahui kegiatan oleh Israel. Seterusnya=20
dilakukan serangan oleh pasukan Israel. (kalau tidak salah, hal spt=20
ini sudah berulang kali dalam pembalasan.)

  Itu perlu diartikan bahwa konflik Palestina di mana masyarakat=20
Palestina memerlukan saudara saudara Islam untuk lebih mengutamakan=20
dialog, penyelesaian untuk menghindari bentrokan. Agar lebih menuju=20
cara apa yang perlu diharapkan oleh masyarakat Palestina.=20

  Perlu ada semangat kerja sama antar negara Islam dan PBB untuk=20
lebih mengkoordinasikan berapa besar pelanggaran HAM di perbatasan.=20
Sekarang masih ada terlihat beberapa kelemahan dalam diplomatik oleh=20
bangsa bangsa Islam atau seluruhnya untuk mengajak maupun menekan=20
pemerintahan Israel, Palestina dan Hamas. Untuk memperhatikan mana=20
cara apa yang perlu diselesaikan.=20

  Perlu ada produser khusus dalam pengamanan dan politik Palestina=20
untuk membantu artinya kedaulatan, keamanan dan perkembangan wilayah=20
Palestina. Kalau perlu berjalan dengan kerja sama antar polisi=20
internasional, sudah saatnya dipikirkan hal ini untuk melakukan=20
operasi keamanan di perbatasan semoga akan berlanjut ke arah=20
pembongkaran tembok dan pengembalian kedaulatan spt yang diinginkan=20
masyarakat Palestina.=20

Saya ajak pada umat umat seiman agar lebih berpikir efektif dan mampu=20
mandiri menghadapi situasi seburuk itu. Itu perlu merupakan cara cara=20
menuju kemenangan masyarakat keimanan dan kebersamaan. Semoga Allah=20
menjaga cara cara baik yang perlu dilakukan oleh kita semuanya.

Wassalam Alaikum Wr.Wb,

Israeli Troops Kill 10 Palestinian Gunmen=20
1 hour, 16 minutes ago   Middle East - AP=20

JEBALIYA REFUGEE CAMP, Gaza Strip - Israeli troops killed 10=20
Palestinian gunmen Saturday, including two Hamas militants in a=20
helicopter airstrike, as the military expanded one of its largest=20
offensives against Palestinian militants in four years of fighting.=20
At least 50 Palestinians and five Israelis have been killed in four=20
days of violence. In a show of defiance, Hamas' secretive military=20
wing Izzedine al-Qassam held a first-ever news conference in=20
Jebaliya =97 the refugee camp at the center of Israel's offensive_=20
vowing to resist the Israeli assault and threatening to fire rockets=20
at the Israeli city of Ashkelon, 10 miles north of Gaza.=20

About 2,000 soldiers in hundreds of armored vehicles were patrolling=20
a five-mile stretch of northern Gaza to counter militants firing=20
homemade rockets into Israel. The Israeli offensive, "Days of=20
Penitence," was launched after a Hamas rocket killed two Israeli=20
preschoolers in a town near Gaza on Wednesday.=20

Both sides appeared to be bracing for a long fight, with masked=20
Palestinian gunmen fortifying positions in Jabaliya, the largest=20
Palestinain refugee camp and one of the most crowded places on earth,=20
with 106,000 people living in half a square mile.=20

The gunmen at the press conference said 15 armed Hamas men have been=20
killed in recent days. Six Palestinians, including children, were=20
wounded in Gaza on Saturday by Israeli gunfire.=20

"All our cells are spread out throughout Jebaliya, as part of our=20
plan to kick out the enemy," one of the Hamas said. "We will teach=20
the enemy a lesson he will not forget."=20

The gunmen said they were working to expand the range of their=20
rockets and threatened to hit Ashkelon, which lies 10 miles north of=20
the Gaza border has been out of the reach of the homemake=20

The fighters stood behind a weapons display =97 including rocket-
propelled grenade launchers, assault rifles, grenades, mortar shells=20
and homemade anti-tank shells =97 as they spoke to journalists. The=20
press conference in Jebaliyah, which is adjacent to Gaza City, was=20
ended abruptly when the sound of an Israeli unmanned surveillance=20
aircraft was heard overhead.=20

Several hours after the press conference, an Israeli helicopter fired=20
a missile at a car driving in eastern Gaza City, killing two members=20
of Izzedine al-Qassam and wounding four bystanders, a Hamas official=20
said. The official identified the men as Mehdi Mushtaha and Khaled=20

Palestinian Prime Minister Ahmed Qureia made a veiled appeal to=20
militant groups to stop rocket attacks.=20

"We call on the factions to think about the higher national interest=20
and not give Israel excuses to continue the aggression against our=20
people in Gaza," Qureia said in the West Bank town of Ramallah after=20
an emergency Cabinet meeting.=20

Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat (news - web sites) referred to=20
Israel campaign as a "monstrous, criminal, inhumane attack on our=20

The Israeli military, meanwhile, sent more forces into northern Gaza.=20
The area controlled by Israel included the towns of Beit Hanoun and=20
Beit Lahiya, and parts of the Jebaliya camp.=20

Near the Jewish settlement of Kfar Darom in central Gaza, about 200=20
schoolchildren threw rocks at soldiers, drawing army fire. Two teens,=20
ages 14 and 16, were wounded, hospital officials said.=20

Four Palestinians were wounded in Jebaliya, including a 12-year-old=20
boy who was in critical condition with a head injury.=20

An Israeli helicopter targeted gunmen northeast of Jebaliya in the=20
early hours Saturday, the army said. Palestinian medical workers said=20
three militants from the Islamic Jihad group were killed.=20

Hours later, Israeli troops killed four Palestinians carrying rifles=20
and explosives cut through the Gaza border fence and approached the=20
Israeli communal farm of Nahal Oz, said Lt. Col. Ari Hoze, the army=20
commander in the area.=20

In other violence, a 60-year-old Palestinian man was shot dead near=20
his home in the Rafah refugee camp in southern Gaza, Palestinian=20
hospital officials said.=20

A commercial strike ordered by the Al Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades and=20
militant groups was widely observed in Gaza on Saturday, but=20
compliance was only partial in the West Bank. Al Aqsa has ties to=20
Arafat's Fatah (news - web sites) movement. Gaza radio stations=20
broadcast warnings by Al Aqsa that shopkeepers ignoring the strike=20
would be punished.=20

Amid the Israeli crackdown, militants still managed to fire another=20
homemade Qassam rocket into the Israeli town of Sderot on Friday. The=20
rocket caused no injuries.=20

The rocket attacks threaten to complicate Sharon's plan to withdraw=20
from Gaza next year. Sharon wants to pull all Israeli troops and=20
civilians out of Gaza as part of a wider program to unilaterally=20
separate Israelis and Palestinians.=20

Sharon's opponents, including critics within his own party, warn the=20
withdrawal will encourage further militant attacks.=20

At the United Nations (news - web sites), Israeli opposition leader=20
Shimon Peres said Friday the government's timetable for the Gaza=20
withdrawal remains unchanged, despite the fighting. In Washington,=20
the State Department called on Israel to temper its military response=20
to the rocket attack. Israel has a right to defend itself but should=20
limit itself to using "proportional force," deputy spokesman Adam=20
Ereli said.=20

Jordan on Saturday condemned Israel's offensive in the Gaza Strip=20
(news - web sites) and urged the international community to intercede=20
to put an end to Palestinian-Israeli violence. Jordanian government=20
spokeswoman Asma Khader said Israel's "massacres" in Gaza will only=20
further destabilize the region.=20

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