[powerdot] Re: cwpuzzle problems in powerdot

  • From: Luis Sequeira <lfsequeira@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: powerdot@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2012 09:21:10 +0000

On Jan 26, 2012, at 3:49 AM, Jacob Fluke wrote:

> Hey,
> Do you have any suggestions as to why I cannot get any of the puzzles from 
> the cwpuzzle documentation to appear in powerdot?
> Thanks

There is a simple solution. In any slide where you a puzzle to appear, use the 
'method=file' (or 'method=direct') option.
I tried the following example (taken from the cwpuzzle documentation), and it 
does not show normally, but it shows perfectly as written.

A similar situation (described in the powerdot documentation) afects verbatim 
I use plenty of verbatim material with method=file and my documents typeset 
just fine.
This has to do with the way powerdot does complex processing of your tex 
material (I can't ellaborate on that, because I just don't know what is going 
on inside, but I know that it works :-))

Note that method=direct is (theoretically) faster, but does not support 
overlays; hence, if you use \pause or some \onslide commands, you must use 

This works:

\begin{wideslide}[method=file]{A crossword puzzle} 
      |{}  |{}  |[1]S|.
      |{}  |[2]M|I   |[3]D|.
      |[4]T|I   |M   |E   |S   |.
      |{}  |[5]N|E   |G   |.
      |{}  |{}  |Q   |.

Luis Sequeira

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