[powerdot] Re: Wrong position of \rput

  • From: Thomas Schneider <schneidt@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Thu, 26 Dec 2013 18:19:03 -0500


> Thanks. I didn't understand well the behaviour of the \rput command.
> So perhaps \rput is not the command I should use...
> Is there any possibility to put something at absolute coordinates
> (wherever is the current position)? For example if I want that the
> "hello" word is at [0.3\slidewidth, 0.3\slideheight]?

Actually \rput is perfect for this.  Here's what I do for a slide:

% ladylady

% ladylady
\begin{wideslide}{El Duomo, Florence, Italy}
\vspace{8.6cm}\hspace{0cm}% start at lower left point
% \psgrid(0,0)(-20,-20)(20,20)%

The trick is that initial '\vspace{8.6cm}'.  By using this I define
the lower left corner of every slide as the zero coordinate.  Then I
use \rput to place the images in the positive quadrant.  It works like
a charm.

Unearth the '% \psgrid' comment to see the grid.

(Note on using this: I have each slide as a paragraph with a unique
name - 'ladylady' in this case - so I can move the slide to the start
of the file temporarily.  There it is followed by an '\end{document}'
that I unearth from a comment.  This way I typeset only one slide at a
time but typeset everything by recommenting the '\end{document}'.  In
vim I delete the slide 'paragraph', move it to a test region (which I
find by searching for '% ttt'), typeset and then move it back.)

Also, I set vim to write the file out using ','.  I have atchange
(http://alum.mit.edu/www/toms/atchange.html) set up to detecth the
change when the file is written and to typeset the slides and create a
PDF (using my l script http://alum.mit.edu/www/toms/ftp/l).  With the
Skim PDF viewer watching the pdf and updating - it's a complete
what-you-want-is-what-you-get system: I keep my fingers on the
keyboard editing slides and the results are displayed when I type ','.


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