[powerdot] Re: Replacing a picture on a slide / cross terms out in equation

  • From: Luis Sequeira <lfsequeira@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Tue, 15 Jan 2008 14:53:38 +0000

On Jan 15, 2008, at 9:20 AM, Patrick Runge wrote:

Hi Hendri,

thanks for your help.
I still got a problem with the overlays. I wanted to combine it with crossing out terms from the equation, but it does not work out. I tried two variants: \pause and \onslide It seems that the \onslide command does not work together with the align-environment and the pause command is for some reason ignored. I attached a simplified example.

Greetz Patrick

> > How can I replace a picture on a slide while I orate? A simple solution > > would be to add more slides with the same layout but different pictures, but > > I don't want the slide counter to skip. Furthermore on the handouts only the
> > slide with the last pictures should be shown.
> Use \onslide and \rput to to place the pictures behind the content.
> \begin{slide}{title}
> \onslide{1}{\rput[tl](-1,-1){\includegraphics[...]{...}}
> \onslide{2}{\rput[tl](-1,-1){\includegraphics[...]{...}}
> etc.
> text
> \end{slide}
> Determine the coordinates yourself.
> > In my presentation there is a equation with multiple terms. Since some of > > them are not relevant for my following investigation I want to cross out > > these terms. First I want to show the whole equation and after pressing a
> > button the cross should appear on the slide.
> See pstricks.
> -Hendri.

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It seems to me that you may achieve what you are looking for by using \onslide* instead of \onslide and dropping the \rput command altogether. At least doing this modification to the example you supplied worked on my computer.


Luis Sequeira

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