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News Alert!
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Hello Powerline Community!

It has been a very busy June.

News is on the way.

We will send out the News Updates within
a few days.

Don't Forget:

Broadband Over Powerline 2005
June 28 - 29, 2005 *  Le Parker Meridien, New York, NY

Whatever your reason for considering BPL technology
deployment, if you want the real, hardcore facts about
BPL deployment, Broadband Over Powerline 2005 is
definitely for you.

Learn from leading utilities, techology providers and
regulators in the BPL industry such as Duke Power,
City of Manassas, Consumers Energy, DS2, Mitsubishi,
NARUC and many more over two jam-packed days...

Where else can you find all of the latest US developments
surrounding funding, commercial deployment, core utility
applications and the arrival of standards in the USA -
as well as global perspective on the future of BPL?

Hear exclusive presentations from Rekjavik Energy (Iceland)
and Manx Electricity Authority on how BPL is working for
them. You'll even have the chance to quiz venture capitalists
and financiers on BPL's current status in the investment market.
In short, if you want the true picture regarding BPL,
you can't afford to stay at home.

For more information visit
ring 1-800-882-8684 or email enquire@xxxxxxxx



Another position available with a company in
the Powerline Communciations industry.

Requirements listed below:

Areas of experience include:

Development of test plans, test suites (required)
Simulation/Verification of real time software (required)
Scripting language (Tcl desired) for use in developing
automated,regressible test suites (required)
Armulator (ARM instruction set simulator) test suite
development for ARM7 (required)
Armulator (ARM instruction set simulator) test suite
development for ARM9 (highly desired).


Patrick Schmidt
Contract Engineering



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 News is on the way...  June 2005


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