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News Alert!
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Happy Powerline February to everyone.

Save the Dates! April 25-26, 2005
PLCA will hold a conference in conjunction with EUCI.
A special rate will be offered for PLCA members.
More information coming soon! at:

Be sure to read the UPLC January newsletter:;jsessionid=1vrbrzx273ujh?cbr_v=dcb&nt=true&c

A âRoundtable on European Markets for in-home and access PLCâ to be held on
March 3, 2005 in Brussels

January 31, 2005
The PLCforum Association is pleased to invite all market stakeholders to
its âRoundtable on European Markets for in-home and access PLCâ to be held
at the Metropole Hotel in Brussels on March 3, 2005. This half-day event,
organised the day before a PLCforum quarterly meeting, is intended to
enable attendees to discuss into detail the current and future market
opportunities for access and in-home PLC. The open discussion will be
introduced by key presentations from industry leaders and followed by a
networking cocktail. The Roundtable agenda can be downloaded here and the
registration form is available here (no registration fees are requested,
but pre-registration, with February 25 as a deadline, is compulsory).
Invitations to attend the PLCforum 21st General Assembly and the Working
Group meetings organised at the occasion of the quarterly meeting of March
4, can be granted to organisations interested in joining the PLCforum. To
access the agenda of this quarterly meeting, please visit:
For any further information you may need, please contact the PLC Forum.

Also remember:
ICT World Forum CeBit 2005
10-16 March 2005
Hannover, Germany

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Latest News and Updates:

HomePlug Powerline Alliance Takes CES By Storm
Read this complete HomePlug update about CES:

France Telecom (NYSE:FTE) a world leading communications carrier and innovator through its research and development group, congratulates the HomePlug(R) Powerline Alliance on the adoption of Turbo Codes in the HomePlug AV specification. HomePlug AV provides broadband home networking, enabling connectivity and distribution of HDTV, Digital Audio, and Internet access throughout the home via existing power lines. w&newsId=20050208005578&newsLang=en

SAN FRANCISCO â Researchers and industry developers presented evidence that
power line networking using existing residential or office AC power wiring
as the medium for a broadband network is about to come into its own. 01

...Under the Amended Agreement, Adaptive has provided New Visual with final
delivery of the source code, intellectual property rights and other
materials that make up Embarq(TM) and additionally has waived its right to
receive the first five million dollars in royalty payments that it would
otherwise be entitled to in consideration for New Visual's waiver of its
potential right to receive payments based on future Adaptive profits and
other consideration....

Telkonet, a provider of commercial powerline communications, and GTSI have
signed an agreement to address the myriad of network infrastructure
deployment opportunities in the government market.


The following information is from PLC-J. It is a little dated but
establishes the global interest in Powerline Networking.

Overseas trend in High speed power line communication USA
HomePlug is sold for the purpose of home networking in the United States.
Demonstrative experiments for access are conducted at several domestic
(Con.Ed, Ameren, AEP, Cinergy, PEPCO, PPL etc.)
Local communities are assessing the technology as the strong candidate
for the last mile access for the broadband services.

Broadband connection
One of the largest power companies in Spain (Endesa) is conducting a
demonstrative experiment at several locations.
Several Spanish power companies (Endesa, Iberdrola) are planning on making
commercial-based PLC services available domestically in the near future.
PPC (Power Plus Communication) is made available commercially to
approximately 2,000 houses in Mannheim, Germany.
Scottish & Southern Energy plc, Great Britain, is conducting a demonstrative
experiment in Scotland.
They plan to make the actual service available in the year 2004 upon
completion of the demonstrative experiment.

Local area network PLC is used for setting up a LAN at Willebrand Middle School, in Herten, Germany. It received a reputation of being inexpensive and fast. About two thousand other schools in the region are strongly interested in adopting PLC systems. PLC is being tested in public places such as schools and hotels in Tirol, Austria.

Since around 2001, FibrLINK Networks Co., LTD.,
a subsidiary of the State Power Corporation of
China has been conducting a demonstrative
experiment in Beijing, China.
They plan to commercialize the service at the end of 2003.
In Korea, a PLC demonstrative experiment was
permitted in 2002. It is currently conducted in
locations including Seoul and Cheju Island.
Korea plans to deregulate its Radio Law in time
for the commercialization in 2003.
PLC has been made available commercially for
over a few thousand locations at hotels and
housing complexes in Hong Kong since 2002.
In Singapore, communication businesses
affiliated with power companies are
evaluating the possibility of entering the
cost effective PLC market in order to greatly
reduce the communication charge.
PLC-based IP phones are under evaluation
in Indonesia.

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