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News Alert!
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Upcoming Events:

Broadband Over Powerline 2005 June 28 - 29, 2005 * Le Parker Meridien, New York, NY * 10% discount for current members if register before the 27th May. More on this soon... For more information visit: 1-800-882-8684 or email enquire@xxxxxxxx

Electronic House Expo Spring 2005 (EHX) takes place Feb. 24-26 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. Company: Web Mountain Technologies Booth/Stand: 930 Media Contact: Gary Koenig Investor Relations Contact: Terry Bolinger Phone: 720-207-9174 E-mail: gkoenig@xxxxxxxxxx Web: Product description: Web Mountain Technologies manufactures products utilizing the revolutionary new powerline carrier technology, Universal Powerline Bus (UPB). In addition to controllable wall switches, lamp and appliance modules, computer interfaces, and other addressable devices, we offer our IP based NetPlace controllers. UPB and TCP/IP -- a Winning Combination! See us in booth 930.

A âRoundtable on European Markets for in-home and access PLCâ to be held on March 3, 2005 in Brussels

ICT World Forum CeBit 2005 10-16 March 2005 Hannover, Germany

Save the Dates! April 25-26, 2005 PLCA will hold a conference in conjunction with EUCI. A special rate will be offered for PLCA members. More information coming soon! at:


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New Manufacturer/Products:

Smarthome Inc., announced the 10th anniversary
of its online home automation store.
10% off all products for the next 10 days.

New PROPOWER range is made up of three basic elements: a PLC Spectrum
Analyser, a PLC test signal Generator and a PLC Noise Generator. All
instruments have been designed for field use and combined use allow to test
the network response to PLC test signals.

PROMAX was founded in 1963 by Jose Clotet in Barcelona. The company's firsts
developments included instruments to generate television and radio signals
and analysers to check the reception quality.
Today, PROMAX is a leading company in providing test and measurement
solutions worldwide to support the information technology revolution. The
company invests about 15% of its annual turnover in Research & Development.

The CGH-100 is a multifunctional Gateway for remotely  managing powerline
Additional you can use it for access control and billing of internet access
for instance in hotels... office software of hotels can directly communicate
with our CGH for billing.

CGH-100 controls powerline networks and enables billing of internet use in
hotels.  The CGH-100 offers now the possiblity to connect to a front office
hotel software systems. The hotel keeper can charge the Internet use simply
like a telephone call.

CGH-100 makes it possible for hotels to offer to their guests a fast and
safe broadband connection in all rooms and areas of the hotel via powerline.

Additional the complete powerline network can be managed remotely if
required. Also statistics about the bandwidth and availability into the
rooms can be checked via the CGH-50.

It provides secure, fast and plug&play access over powerline to the guests
and makes it possible for the hotel to charge this service.
more infos at:


From: Scott Kargman

Hi There,

Outbound FCC Chairman Michael Powell has just confirmed that he will be
delivering an Industry Perspective at Spring VON - just 2 weeks away - to
say farewell to the VoIP industry.  It's been a tumultuous tenure for the
man who tried to pave the way towards the IP revolution.  We expect some
profound parting thoughts in the Chairman's swan song to the industry.

He joins a tremendous line up of industry leaders converging in San Jose for
the largest VON Event ever, including:

* Regulatory/Telecom Policy*: Robert Pepper Chief of Policy Development at
the FCC, Jeff Carlisle Chief of Wire line Competition at the FCC and Michael
Gallagher of the US Dept of Commerce, (plus the Telecom Policy Summit on
Monday which provides a forum for us all to discuss and debate next

*Business leaders*: Jonathan Miller CEO America Online Inc, James Crowe CEO
Level 3, Jeff Pulver CEO, Eugene Roman Group President Bell
Canada, and John Sculley now with Rho Capital Partners..

*Leading technologists*: Hossein Eslambolchi CTO AT&T, Douglas Van
Houwelling CEO Internet 2, Mark Spencer President Digium.

Plus there will be no less than 255 exhibitors on the show floor.

Spring VON is where the Telecoms and Internet industry leaders meet to map
out the future. Make sure you are part of it - register now at

I look forward to seeing you in San Jose.

Best regards,

Scott Kargman
COO and VP Corporate Development Enterprises


Latest News and Updates:

'Big Year for BPL!' cries PR firm. When the incumbents need "independent" research slamming community based Wi-Fi?

Broadband customers looking for an alternative to cable-modem or DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) service may not have long to wait for broadband over powerline service (BPL), according to a white paper published Thursday by a technology-focused research group. =rss&url= ml

OPERA (Open PLC European Research Alliance) has completed the first year of the first phase of a four-year project, the first two years of which have been sponsored by the European Commission. In a review of the progress achieved to date, the European Commission was particularly impressed by the innovative and rigorous technology selection process that led to the election of the 200Mbps power line communications technology developed by chip supplier Design of Systems on Silicon (DS2).


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We are working on changes within the
Powerline Store to reflect the varied
products in the industry.  Our list of
manufacturers currently totals 82.
You may continue to visit for latest
products and current modules and adapters
being sold online.


Smarthome Inc., announced the 10th anniversary of its online home automation store. --------------------------------------------- 10% off all products for the next 10 days. --------------------------------------------- e=10&subid=

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Smarthome Inc., 10th anniversary of its online home automation store. --------------------------------------------- 10% off all products for the next 10 days. --------------------------------------------- e=10&subid=



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