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News Alert !
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Hello Powerline Community!

New Plugtek News Blog:

Two important updates:

BPL Technology in Manassas Complete, Ham Radio Addressed

Communication Technologies, Inc. (COMTek) said today that it has voluntarily
adjusted nearly 600 broadband over powerline (BPL) devices in Manassas, VA,
that there remains no "documented basis for further ham radio operator
about the firm's nationally recognized BPL system in the city.

COMTek said that any meaningful issues or concerns about BPL in Manassas
will be
addressed in full and should be directed to Customer Service at (703)
COMTek BPL network now serves 900 home and business subscribers in Manassas
is progressing steadily to the 1000th customer milestone. The Chantilly,
Va.-based company's network in Manassas is the first commercial deployment of
BPL in the nation to use a city-wide electricity grid to provide individual
homes and businesses with direct "plug in" broadband access through electric
sockets, rather than over phone or cable TV lines.

COMTek Vice President Walt Adams said: "...we know of fewer than half a dozen
ham radio operator complaints, each of which COMTek has gone to truly
extraordinary lengths to address. ... The opposition from these almost
non-Manassas individuals and their national organization appears to be
in a fundamental opposition to BPL rather than any hard facts."

* * * * *

Universal Powerline Association to Provide Basis for International
Standardization for Broadband Access and AV Home Networking

The Universal Powerline Association (UPA) today unveiled its work program for
2006 at its annual general meeting. The group intends to build on the
coexistence specification published in 2005 and to further promote the
capabilities of powerline communications (PLC) to deliver global solutions for
broadband access and home networking.

"The UPA is now firmly established as the only independent industry body
bringing together the global PLC community and speaking of the need for sound,
solid standards based on coexistence and interoperability," said Eric Morel,
president of the UPA. "In just one year, since its launch at CES in 2005,
membership in the UPA has doubled, and even greater increases are expected in
2006 based on the significant interest shown by players in the PLC field."

The most recent recruits to be welcomed to the UPA are Toshiba Electronics,
Technology, AcBel Polytech Inc, Tecnocom and Telekom research and Development
SDN BHD (Malaysia).

In 2006, the UPA will continue to work with global standards bodies; the IEEE,
ETSI and other pertinent industry organizations - to establish worldwide
standards that enable technological coexistence and interoperability between
broadband access and home networking PLC applications.

For broadband access, the UPA will focus its 2006 activities on progressing
supporting global standardization efforts based around the Open PLC European
Research Alliance (OPERA) specification, which was demonstrated across
American, Asian and European markets in 2005. During the last year, key
in the PLC sector signed a cooperation agreement to support the OPERA
powerline organization. OPERA has and continues to perform the necessary
research, demonstration and dissemination at a European scale to allow
consumers to enjoy the advantages of PLC technology.

The UPA will also continue its work on the Digital Home Specification
(DHS), for
AV home networking over powerlines. The DHS initiative is designed to provide
seamless interfaces between cable, DSL and PLC broadband access to in-home PLC
networking for high-speed, high quality of service applications, such as data,
audio and high definition video. The UPA will publish the complete, detailed
specification in the first half of 2006.

"In order for the promise of PLC broadband and home networking applications to
become reality, vendors, service providers and customers must be convinced
all PLC technology will be compatible and interoperate with other access
technologies," said John Joyce, vice president of the UPA. "The UPA
specification is the only openly available global specification to promote
connectivity between PLC markets and applications, and we are working closely
with global standards bodies to ensure that global standards become a

* * * * *

On the Homeplug front:

Engadget and Toms Networking have been sampling the new Homeplug compliant

See what you think.

View current Homeplug Powerline Alliance member roster:

* * * * *

Press Release:

Ariane Controls to install Powerline Communication units in Japan

Quebec City, February 8, 2006 ? Ariane Controls announced today that it has
signed a non-exclusive distribution agreement with Jepico Corporation, a
Japanese electronics manufacturer and distributor based in Tokyo.

?This partnership opens the doors of the growing Japanese market for us in a
way that would not be possible otherwise? notes Francis Raveneau, Ariane?s
Business Development Manager and responsible for relations with Jepico. ?We
will maximize our efforts to complete their powerline communications expertise
and market insight to be well positioned when the market picks up.

?JEPICO has a client base already demanding PLC solutions for their
next-generation products? says Koki Yamakawa, marketing leader at JEPICO.
?Having Ariane?s technology in our line-up will help us respond to those
needs and broaden our reach in the Japanese market?.

JEPICO Corporation is active since 1972 in the fields of Industry, Military
Space and has several offices in Japan, Hong-Kong and the USA.

Ariane Controls is a Powerline Communication (PLC) Technology developer
highly differentiated networking solutions. With its unique & enabling
Technology, Ariane Controls provides Components suppliers and Systems
integrators (OEM?s) with the least expensive, most reliable solutions for
residential, commercial & industrial building automation and public utilities

Source :         Francis Raveneau, Ariane Controls
(418) 265-4296

* * * * *

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