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SQ Test (Unregistered) posted Test:

 Firstly, let me say that these are wonderful questions that could be posted to 
the class internet group that I have created. Accordingly, I'm going to copy 
this response to the list. The answers are as follows:

 1. Notes are handed in after you take the exam and are graded separately. They 
are returned to you.

 2. The final is NOT cumulative.

 3. The bonus given for DocStoc notes is purely voluntary. To achieve it, you 
have to type up the notes, upload them, and send me the link. You don't have to 
do this for the whole course, but you do have to do it for "enough" lectures to 
receive a 3-point year end boost. I don't know what "enough" is yet. It's a 
standard more than a rule. The idea is simple: if you type and donate your 
notes, and if they are good, you get 1-3 year end points, depending upon how 
many lectures you submit compared to your classmates. Even submitting just a 
couple could count for something in combination with other things (e.g., class 

 4. There are no other assignments in the course.

 5. Class participation is simple. If you happen to speak in class, you jot 
down the gist of what you said and turn it in at the end of class. The 
accumulation of this material at the end of the term goes toward any bonus you 
might receive

 Regards and thanks.


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