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Sean Wilson (Unregistered) commented on 01. Course Introduction:

 A couple of comments about the lecture that appears on this page. First, it is 
the first one I did. Because of that, there are some significant design flaws. 
(1) Links that appear inside the flash movie. They open up inside the iframe. I 
can fix that next time. But for now, we are stuck with it. (Advice: don't click 
links inside the movie). (2) The iframe is too big, because I accidentally made 
the movies too big. Next time, a little smaller. (3) The table of contents 
feature is the key. Press TOC if you are lost. It tells you which red buttons 
to press. (I think this was a bad idea. We'll get our engineers on that idea 
over the weekend).

 Over and out.


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