[play.webdev] Re: Web Developers' Advanced Atomz Workshop--ideas?

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Sounds good to me Chris - I'd like to attned and would also like to schedule
one of our developers to attend if space/schedules permit. Paula

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Hey everyone,

At the Web Developers' Roundtable some of you expressed an interest in
learning more about advanced Atomz Publish programming. What do you think
about having a workshop Friday, December 12th? Maybe we can do it from
11am - 2pm and include pizza?

We'd cover things like...
  a.. Best practices
  b.. Coding tips & tricks
  c.. Minimizing number of templates
  d.. Tips & tricks with tasks & publishing
Let me know if you have suggestions on things you'd like to see covered, or
any suggestions on a better time. I'll send out an official invitation in a
week or so after I receive your input.

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