[play.webdev] Re: Solitude Atomz account

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  • Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2003 15:43:43 -0800

Solitude doesn't have an Atomz account. We can set one up for them, but
first we'll need to get a verbal agreement from them that they want the
service and are able to pay for it (all resorts using Atomz are billed an
annual fee). Let me know who's requesting this and I'll follow up with them.
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Hey Guys,
I am rebuilding Solitude and this is the first
time I have ever used Atomz so I am a rookie
at all of this so you will have to bear with me if
my questions are a little naive. How can I tell 
if there is even an account for Solitude already 
set up? Is there a way to get access to it?

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