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  • From: "Jason D. Agostoni" <jasonda@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Fri, 12 Jul 2002 09:28:58 -0400

alchemist came up with a good story that I figured I would probe the group for 

.. OK forgot the story already but the point is that you are supposed to total 
up the entire MHz that you have in your household.  This can include desktops, 
laptops, PDAs, calculators, game consoles ... anything that has a processor in 
it.  You can include your MAIN computer at work (no, not that big ass server 
under you desk)  To make it more difficult to inflate your "estimates" please 
itemize your list as follows:

MHz    Processor    Desc        Use?

Of course we're not going to worry about the fact that MHz don't really mean 
much ... but if you actually know how many FLOPS your calculator does ... then 
you are more a nerd than the rest of us..

I'll kick us off:

1.433GHz        AMD T-Bird    Main Desktop        Quake...
1.2GHz        PIII        Work Laptop        Work
300MHz        PowerPC        Mac Desktop        Desktop Printing 'n shit
200MHz        MIPS SH4        Dreamcast        Like .. playing games
400MHz        AMD K6III        Linux Server        Quake/Web/Chat/etc server 
266MHz        AMD K6II        Linux Server        Quake II server
100MHz        486 DX4        Linux Router        NAT Router
200MHz        Pentium MMX    Laptop        Nothing really .. just collecting 
66MHz        482 DX4        Laptop        Terminal
33MHz        Motorola Dragonball VZ        Palm m125        Wife's PDA
16 MHz        Motorola Dragonball         Palm m105        Collecting dust
10 MHz        Motorola 68k        TI-85        Calculator
100 MHz        VR4111         Cassiopeia E-11        My PDA

What's my grand total?
4.324 GHz ... I thought I'd have more that that :(


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