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It's very easy to install a PSU.  There are four screws holding it into the
case in the back and little steel supports on the bottom and side of the PSU
(just need to work it out around them).  Just take the normal precautions:
    - Open Case (hmmm ... like that wasn't obvious)
    - Touch the chassis with the power cord still plugged in (but turned
off) to remove static
    - Turn off the main power switch on back of PSU
    - Unplug main power cord from back
    - Remove all cables from motherboard, drives and fans that connect to
the PSU
    - Just make a simple mental note as to what all was connected so you
don't forget anything

Another thing you might try is checking the temps. or you CPU and case.  You
should be able to download a free program called MBM5 that reports your
temperatures for you.  You could also be overheating the case/CPU which will
cause instability.  If this is the case then you should get a
top-of-the-line CPU cooling Heat Sink/Fan as well.  The program is at:
http://mbm.livewiredev.com/ .

I would replace the PSU regardless as 250W might not be enough overall.
Plus, getting the bigger PSU will leave you room for a faster CPU in the

There was some article that said if money is not a concern, get the biggest
you can afford (like a 450W) otherwise stick with a 350W supply and you
should be good for a while.


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> I am not using the beta drivers because I am still using Win ME.  My
> probably is my power supply.  I have some Antec 250W power supply.  I
> had lock-ups with the GeForce2 card.  I guess the extra power of the
> GeForce4 card put me over the limit.  Is it hard to install a power
> I like my case and I am too cheap to buy an entire case.
> Bob

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