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The most popular benchmark is 3dMark2001.  You can get it from www.madonion.com 
and it allows you to compare you score against others with the same (or 
different) hardware.  Of course, some people overclock the shit out of their 
hardware so there will always be people with scores incredibly higher than 
yours.  I usually look for an average.

Crashes are usually attributed to the AGP GART but you said you got the latest 
from VIA so that is probably not the case.  I too was getting lookups (even 
with my GF2) but it seems to be much better now that I have upgraded my power 
supply.  You can try buying a power supply from BestBuy or something and the 
return it if it doesn't help.  I also had troubles when I had my USB devices 
hooked up at the same time (for whatever reason) so try unplugging all of your 

If you are having problems with nVidia's 40.41 drivers, try backing off one 
version.  I believe that if you go through the normal download link and do NOT 
select the Detonator 40 option, you should be able to get the latest non-beta 

Finally, you can check out eVGA.com (I believe that is the card Shannon 
ordered?) .. they have decent customer support.

For Quake III to show your FPS, pull down the console (~) and issues this 
    seta cg_drawFPS "1"
The seta will make it sticky and save it to the config file (I think).  If that 
doesn't work, try this:
    cg_drawFPS "1"
... i.e. without the seta

BTW, here is what you should look for in a power supply:
    - A name brand (like Antec, Enlight, Enermax, etc ...)
    - At LEAST at 350W supply now that you have a GF4.  This will also leave 
room for a better CPU and RAM.
    - The 5V line should supply around 30A
    - The 3.3v line should supply around 20A (look at your's, I'll bet it says 
        - The GFX card uses the 3.3v line so this is important
    - The total combined output (TCO) for the 3.3v and 5v rails should be at 
least 220w (yours is probably much less)
    - My model is an Antec SL350 and seems to be doing well


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I've installed the GeForce4.  It seems to work ok except i occasionally get
lock-ups.  I installed the latest nVidia driver and via driver for my
motherboard.  Maybe there are some bios changes i need to make.

Besides just looking at it, do you know of any good benchmark software that
i can use to see how much faster it is.  How can i tell how many fps Quake
III is running at?


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