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Bored of playing the same old Quake III Arena Games? Not Me! But ... in case 
you are ... here are some interesting Quake III Total Conversions ... some of 
them have already been released ... some not!

Sidrial - http://www.fountainheadent.com/sidrial/
I have already tried this one ... It's OK ... kinda of small . you might like 

Quake Rally - www.quakerally.com
Very interesting .. make a Rally Racing game out of Quake III ... I think it 
might be worth checking out!

Q_Ball - http://www.leadballstudios.net/qball/
A paintball TC for Quake III ... supposedly retains the physics of a paintball 
game and uses the Quake III engine ... worth a look when it comes out.

Generations - http://www.planetquake.com/wirehead/generations/info.shtml
This is definitely a good one to check out.  Apparently it combines 
players/maps/weapons from all of the FPS games into one big TC.  So basically 
you can play a guy from Quake I on a Quake III map with Quake II weapons ... 
hmmm... interesting.

There are a ton more TC's our there so feel free to review some and report back 
to us!

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