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This is just a reminder to y'all of how to connect to the Quake server.  This 
is for the benefit of those who have not played in a while and who I am hopeful 
will once again join the ranks of my Bitches.

Server Address: game1.servequake.com (
Server Port: 27960

First, make sure you have installed the latest patch (1.32).  Second, make sure 
you have downloaded and installed the map packs (3 for DM and 2 for CTF).  If 
you plan on playing Freeze Tag, you should also download the freeze tag client 
install.  All of these can be found on the links page: 

Once you have installed all of these dependencies, you can connect to the 
server by going to the network game option in Quake III and clicking the 
"specify" button and entering the above address.  Alternatively, you can pull 
down the console and type "connect game1.servequake.com" or "connect" and that should get you in.

If youz gotz any questionz, email this list and someone will help you out.


Jason D. Agostoni
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PPG Industries, Inc.

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